Horrifying Home Design (w/ Chad Chad)

Horrifying Home Design (w/ Chad Chad)

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48 Responses

  1. HipUsername says:

    The guy in the shower is just thinking about how much the bill is gonna be for redesigning his house for his 14 children, I’d also be having a crisis shower

  2. Miller Meter says:

    jarvis and chad chad are so good together. they make great combo and seem to genuinely like making content together

  3. sari says:

    Y’all are in person together!! It always feels crazy to see two separate YouTubers together. It’s like a crossover episode

  4. Llen says:

    Even though I know this TikTok page is supposed to be a sort of concept for bedrooms, it’s funny to imagine building an entire 9 bed bedroom with ONE screw

  5. EvryDayShucklin says:

    I was just saying to a friend that Jarvis and Chad Chad have some of the best collabs because they such amazingly complimentary senses of humor and chemistry and just come off as real friends. And today I find out they did another one! Perfect timing!

  6. jediping says:

    My cousins had a “dorm” room where most of the 7 boys slept. Don’t know how all of them made it to adulthood. Probably a bunch of scars from fighting that tiger.

  7. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    Chad & Jarvis are a golden duo with perfect chaotically wholesome energy, absolutely love it

  8. abby ! says:

    the fact that THE chad chad is helping out these small creators, she’s so nice and wholesome 🥰 (john jervis? who’s that? i’m only here to see chad chad)

  9. Kelsey Robinson says:

    The slight pause between “the water is tiger!” and Jarvis and Chad Chad both busting a gut made me truly grin in real life. Please collab more!! The vibes are absolutely delightful. (Edit — I’ve seen a couple of their other videos before but I truly want one of these a week lol)

  10. Clownboy Bebop says:

    Ah, that familiar childhood experience of being haunted by a live tiger

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