Horse Attacks an Alligator Only in Florida

Horse Attacks an Alligator Only in Florida

Krystal Berry via Storyful

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19 Responses

  1. heat4yoass says:

    Just leave him alone? WTF? LOL!!! #TEAMHORSE

  2. Mostafa el Toukhy says:

    They were overbooked and he volunteered!

  3. Leroy Parker says:

    God these people are stupid. “Leave him alone!” It’s wild animals in wild situations with a bunch of cheeto munchin’ hillbillies filming it. Do not dictate how a wild animal should treat other wild animals.

  4. agenthelios1 says:

    Al the fucking zombies with their damn phones. Twats….then you hear a whore say “just leave him alone”….easy for the whore to say she can get back in mommy’s car and be safe, those horses live there and have to set boundaries. Looks like the male horse handled his business in order to protect the other horses.

  5. Anthony Ulibarri says:

    I’m with the Horse. “Here Alligator, eat some hoof, MFR.”

  6. NERD NERDS says:


  7. Tony from Sacramento says:

    Did you hear that stupid bitch, “Just leave him alone.” What dumb f****ng city slicker. When you’re with a gator, it’s either get eaten or eliminate the threat. Dems need to learn that lesson.

  8. Jimmy Wills says:

    He wasn’t horsing around

  9. Andrew Garcia says:

    people are so weak these days. it’s called nature people survival of the fitest grow a pair people

  10. Jellies says:

    This is beautiful. At 0:21 there are a total of 5 people filming HORIZONTALLY (including the video we are watching). Really shows the beauty of society evolving.

  11. My Geeky Life says:

    shout out to the horse for good parenting!! better then most humans.

  12. Eli Johnson says:

    Gotta love how no one brings up the woman saying, “Just leave him alone!” In the background. Seriously? Alligators eat foals in the wild, the stallion was defending his territory and herd from a predator. The gator was just testing the limits and pretending to not be watching.

  13. Jordan W. says:

    Idiots in the comments. She said leave him alone because she’s got a big heart and doesn’t wanna see the horse stomp the gators head in. Contrary to some psych theory, some humans don’t like violence. Yeah it’s nature, no fucking shit. That doesn’t mean we all have to say “beat his ass!” when we see an animal fight. Stupid little Carl sagan/Nietzsche wannabes with your little joker profile pictures. Or profiles pictures of some dead philosopher. Dime a dozen you cheap cold logic internet junkies.

  14. monkey220ms says:

    hecarim brutally smashes a rennekton

  15. Potato Carrot says:

    “Just leave “him” alone”, did you just assume it’s gender?!! Triggered!!

  16. Sherman Herritt says:

    Why don’t you just leave them *all* alone lady.

    Clearly the horse was enacting the “Stand your ground” law in Florida.

  17. Shaggy Rogers says:

    I guess the horse wasn’t so friendly to his NaaaaayBoor. Very unSTABLE. That’s why you shouldn’t horse around kids!

  18. Art Z says:

    That alligator wasn’t doing anything. ALLIGATORLIVESMATTER

  19. fabrice mccarthy says:

    I think the gator is going to sue the horse for milli s ??

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