Hospital: Shooting victims range in ages 8 to 85

Hospital: Shooting victims range in ages 8 to 85

Officials at Highland Park Hospital gave an update on the victims they were treating following the 4th of July shooting. FULL STORY:

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30 Responses

  1. k gui says:

    Very impressed, well spoken, confident, professional and caring.

  2. Thomas K says:

    I am truly humbled by everyone’s composure and professional skills and abilities. Thanks to All of You Doctors and Nurses and Everyone in between! So many people take this for granted. I don’t. I used to manage a training department in a different field but I can appreciate the effort that goes into a well trained team.

  3. smc130TX says:

    So proud of the medical and nursing professionals. As a retired RN I know what they encountered and the well practiced skills of their professions that saved many lives today.

  4. Believe in Yourself says:

    My condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones. Prayers for all of the injured and to the innocent children who witnessed all of this.

  5. Jessica Pudder says:

    It’s a sick sick act to hurt innocent people celebrating the 4th. I sat this one out in heartbreak for that community and the victims. Good job to all the first responders and the doctors and nurses. Good job to all law enforcement for getting the shooter. I’m so sorry. With love from an AZ RN.

  6. buglove says:

    Thank you for giving the nursing staff positively and to the public ❤️ as a disabled RN, nurses are very very trained and amazing!

    • Rabid Farmer says:

      @Lynn Nelson -neither was I. 😂

    • Lynn Nelson says:

      @Rabid Farmer I was not referring to CoVid.

    • Rabid Farmer says:

      @Lynn Nelson -should I get a 4th shot? just pulling your leg – relax. I was proning patients when Covid broke…and I am still here. you take care.

    • Lynn Nelson says:

      @Rabid Farmer Learn to read. I don’t need the “glitter”, “glory”, or recognition. It is my job. It takes a team, silly. Just because you were not “recognized”, oh, well, have you had your shot, Rabid Farmer?

    • Rabid Farmer says:

      @Lynn Nelson -I already gave you all the glitter. YOu want a foot-rub too? Yes -we all appreciate all nurses. Happy?

  7. Marlo Davis says:

    Wow! This is the kind of medical care that every American should be able to receive. Sounds like they are very proud of one another as they should. Blessings to these great doctors & nurses.

    • spaceballs44 says:

      Well when all is said and done the people that have insurance will get care but the people that can’t afford insurance will need a Go Fund me to help cover the costs even when people get shot at health care companies don’t care money is king.

    • Broadway Sam says:

      The transparency and dedication of these medical professionals is phenomenal. Having said that, this kind of medical care shouldn’t be necessary for anyone. This is uniquely an American phenomenon.

  8. Karen Hendrick says:

    Highland Park Hospital is an amazing hospital. When I lived in the area 12 years ago I spent time in that hospital and got incredible care. Truly the best of the best. My heart goes out to every person affected by this tragedy. A wonderful community that will get through this.

  9. Taz G says:

    Im a retired CERN who worked in one of Chicago’s busiest southside hospital ERs for over 20 years. We did two to three community wide disaster drills involving all the hospitals in the area including all the trauma centers. Its quite exciting because we do it like its a real disaster. What he described here is the competence of the first responders that comes from regular training. The negative psychological effect on us workers are buffered by these redundant exercises because we become more confident each time that were able to tackle anything that happens as best as we could even when they’re tragic in nature.

  10. Zen Amen says:

    Thank you to all of the Doctors and Nurses. In particular I appreciate the people who give trauma support to the families. Such a tragedy. God Help Us All. = this madness must end.

    • Stuart a minion says:

      it will not sorry too say. 2 to 3 weeks for the next one, this is the now america, always look and be aware. do not like what we have become.

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