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Yo wassup the video it is done. This video is about the time I had appendicitis and was sent to the hospital where I got emergency surgery. This video actually had a due date (today) for the sponsor so there was a couple things that got left out of the story, they were tiny details but it was things like my friends came to visit me after my surgery and it was really nice! It meant a lot more than I expected it to. My friends were the real stars here and I don’t think I did them real justice tbh so maybe another day I’ll do a retelling of the story, podcast style or something. I might take a break from sponsors for a video or 2 so I don’t run into this problem again. Also I’m getting worried the sponsorship reads are just funnier than the actual video lol.

But yeah the appendicitis thing. It was terrible. Especially getting sick all over the place. I remember that doctor looking at me and being like “you need to stick this tube in your stomach” and I was thinking I wasn’t ready but didn’t really have a choice. There was no room for push back it was all or nothing. It was a little freaky but I think I’m so lucky to have my friends in my life to support me. They were there to bring me to the hospital, support me emotionally, take care of my belongings when I abandoned them in the classroom.

Also I learned a lot about the hospitalization process. It’s pretty fast like I was just given a room right away. One moment I was given an assessment and the next I was given a patient robe to put on, I hardly had time to think!


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44 Responses

  1. rekrap2 says:

    Got my appendix removed 3 years ago and I can confirm it was the worst pain I’ve ever been in. Had a tube sticking out of my stomach for 4 weeks after. Would not recommend.😅

  2. BrodyAnimates says:

    i like to steal peoples appendixes to save them the trouble

  3. Seriously Sarcastic says:

    Andy: “Wow, can’t wait to enjoy this free food!”
    His appendix: “Slight change of plans, pal.”

  4. Rebekah Myers says:

    They pump your stomach bc, anesthesia paralyzes you’re entire body. Including your reflexes. There’s this muscle in the body, that’s sole purpose is to keep things in your stomach, and it relaxes when you each or drink something. Under anesthesia it relaxes(as all the muscles do)and any food in your stomach would leave your stomach, and would probably go into your lungs. Now normally when something besides air gets into your lungs, you start coughing a lot, to get it out. That’s a reflex, which you can’t do underneath anesthesia. So if they don’t, there’s a good chance you’ll suffocate.

  5. Michael B. says:

    It actually has a purpose. It’s called “self destruction”.

  6. Tren Black says:

    My biggest fear is they’ll discover a use for the appendix in 20 years and we’ll be left out

    • Hollow_Knight says:

      It’s part if your immune system.

    • Shelby Hamilton says:

      webmd said (in 2007): Researchers deduce that the appendix is designed to protect good bacteria in the gut. That way, when the gut is affected by a bout of diarrhea or other illness that cleans out the intestines, the good bacteria in the appendix can repopulate the digestive system and keep you healthy.

    • My Samsung says:


  7. Jelly Jess says:

    “I have a distinct fear of tubes now”… even when posting videos on *YouTube?!?!? O_o*

  8. Joshua Jefford says:

    “The lungs help you breathe oxygen” implying you can breathe without them its just harder

    • izzy4bitney says:

      There are scientist trying ro create a system so people can breathe through their butts. It’s plausible so far. Basically same concept as butt chugging except with oxygen. Supposed uses include people who cannot be hooked up to intubation, military and scuba divers. I think Scishow has a simple episode on it.

    • Joshua Jefford says:

      @izzy4bitney yes i know i meant it as a joke not a science experiment xD

    • Sgtlott 10 says:

      @izzy4bitney what if you farted

    • Rustczar The Vagrant says:

      @Sgtlott 10 That’s called “exhaling”.

  9. redd is dead says:

    i take people’s feet so they can be forced to learn how to stilt walk

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    I like to believe the appendix is the key to a secret ability we humans haven’t unlocked yet.

    • Shivi Srivastava says:

      Actually, when humans were monke’s, the appendix helped us balance. But now, we can balance ourselves, so the appendix’s function was already unlocked, *we just locked it back*

    • jade ojebara vlog says:


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