Hospitals Overwhelmed As Coronavirus Cases Surpass 100,000 In US | TODAY

Hospitals Overwhelmed As Coronavirus Cases Surpass 100,000 In US | TODAY

More than 100,000 people in the United States have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, killing more than 1,500. Hospitals around the country are overwhelmed as some resources remain limited. NBC”s Erin McLaughlin, Kelly O’Donnell, Kathy Park, Geoff Bennett, and Kerry Sanders reports for Weekend TODAY, and Syra Madad jojns for analysis.
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Hospitals Overwhelmed As Coronavirus Cases Surpass 100,000 In US | TODAY

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94 Responses

  1. Melissa H says:

    I am staying inside my condo to help medical teams.
    Even angels need us to be responsible.

  2. Kortex says:

    We’re going to be seeing in the coming months if the US has enough resources to combat against the Coronavirus. Good luck to all the medical professionals and everyone else on the front lines.

    • snoop alert says:

      You kids have no idea what America is capable of , the Nazis the Japanese both underestimated our will
      We could have won in Korea and Vietnam except for there was no political backbone , the president has energized Private industry
      We will prevail

    • Dustin Mock says:

      @Mike N source?

    • Maan Mohammad says:

      @Mike N
      What is this has to do with Trump? It all started from the days of Clinton and exporting all manufacturing to China and if anything Trump was wrestling with China about that.Not that he is my cousin,but this is the situation in most countries that has been exporting thier manufacturing to China.

    • Mike N says:

      @Dustin Mock – report 12. Team led by Prof Ferguson, who is the world’s leading pandemic transmission modeller. This report is the basis of planning for all govts ex US.

    • Mike N says:

      @Maan Mohammad – it is everything to do with Trump’s failed response. The worst case scenario is 1.5M dead in the US. This could be cut to 60000, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely. We are only at the start of a geometric growth of infection. People don’t understand the power of geometric growth, how the US could be at 1M next week.

  3. GetPaid BlackMan says:

    They say hospitals are struggling but they laying people off to.

  4. chigasaki06 says:

    I can only imagine how much treatment costs for the survivors.

    • sam m says:

      @L. B. our healthcare here is garbage

    • sam m says:

      ​@l l if you’re not full native american, stfu

    • MrMisterMan says:

      Once you hit the icu it goes through the roof

    • Redpill Coach says:

      @Clare Keys >30 days on a respirator.

      Not with COVID. Doctors are saying if they still need to be a ventilated after 5 days it is almost a done deal which they call “a very poor outcome.” Ventilators only buy you some time. If patients don’t get better and fight off the virus in a few days it means a mutli-organ viral assault and multiple organ failure most likely.

    • Sophie K says:

      @awesomeguynamedjon Really I thought the test was $40. at the drive through?

  5. Morgan Freeman says:

    “infectious energy” huh geez lady wrong choice of words much

  6. CadoExe says:

    *as a person with social anxiety self quarantine is 👌 it’s not that hard to stay in ur house and entertain urself*

    • Jordan Caraballo says:

      Clown comments True, but like having social anxiety usually means you don’t have too many friends to play with which sucks :/

      Last time I played with friends was like 8th grade 6 years ago for me

    • Nora Bendé says:

      I am an introvert and I love staying at home. The thing is “home” for me is my tiny room in the basement with no natural light and barely a window. It’s in a whole new level to be quarantined in a room like that. if I had had a house, I think I would have enjoyed my quarantine more. Being stuck in such a small space with no natural light is starting affect my mental health a lot

    • CadoExe says:

      Jordan Caraballo yeah I have like 2 friends

    • XanMan says:

      I use animal crossing I have like 20 hours in 2.5 days

    • Debbie Murphy says:

      CadoExe ya, I have chronic pain and getting around is difficult, so this is just my normal except I miss time with my family. That’s it. My world has gotten alot smaller since being diagnosed, but I understand how people are having a difficult time adjusting. I have a reason why I must stay home. I hope everyone can think of someone that they love, and that then changes their minds to shelter in place. Peace

  7. Young Weez Wu-tang 4eva says:

    This whole thing is so crazy man

  8. SaladPotatoes says:

    My anti social self has been quarantine all this time

    • Sean's Myth says:

      @Jake Ward Please don’t think that, I’m full of love, really. But mostly I love good grammar ; )

    • Theoneandonly88able says:

      @WWE News HD I never said ‘has been’ is not correct. I’m stating ‘was’ is incorrect based on the context.

    • Oingo Boingo says:

      @MicAarZur lol gotem

    • egg head says:

      @Theoneandonly88able here ‘here. I agGreying .with yuo. who kares about some ones feeelings or poynt of view in life. if da’ granma’ is the badestness ;;part. take a loook at me. terrribleness grandma and horrifikally Ugly skinny arsed creep. I dserve missery pain lonelyness hardship.i desrve COVID19. please punch me in the face .

    • Kaskal Ingram says:

      @MicAarZur tu86gv

  9. shon kirika says:

    Can we get ventilators from Toyota/lexus or honda ?? Everything from GM falls apart

  10. Zeldas Place says:

    I wonder and worry for the homeless if they dont have ID’s how will they get help to get $😔i worry for them also

    • Veronica C. says:

      @Zeldas Place Why didn’t you help your friend before the pandemic?

    • Zeldas Place says:

      @Veronica C. cuz im a canadian and i i had a bussines i would of.

    • Peter K says:

      Hopefully the majority of them drop dead. Where I live they are not only rude but very aggressive. Those bums are the last to be worried about, think about the nurses and people who actually want to work.

    • Bertnard Miller says:

      @Peter K all homeless people are not bad and you might get sick yourself watch your words

    • Riydah says:

      Zeldas Place Praying for them like a warrior in Jesus mighty name as well as the world let us all stay in prayer in the season🙏🏾💯🙏🏾

  11. juan hoshkaboo says:

    Be careful everyone, in my area we’ve had a lot of people in their eighties die from this

    • Howard Faust says:

      @Sirioslee will it eventually become just another annual coronavirus? Yes, we already have several endemic to the population. They do present themselves as colds/ the flu. But this is its first run through the human population. We haven’t had a chance to develop vaccines or become immunized through exposure. And it’s the only one which attacks lungs, since sars was successfully contained. This is very serious

    • Wendy S. King says:

      Im 72, healthy, but I worry too. Anyway, it’s been a good run! Very interesting!

    • Robyn Justice says:


    • Austin Curry says:

      @Hollowfist90 facts? any sources out there saying that this is just the seasonal flu and not something else? good luck fighting off this “flu” when you get it.

    • Gustavo Nunez says:

      Wendy S. King doesn’t matter if you are healthy ma’am .. your immune system weakens as you get older

  12. Lasse Hult says:

    We in Europe is in the middle of it. Yours in US just started, believe me this are getting worse on your continent .

  13. Brittin Smith says:

    That’s a young nurse who died… scary he looked like a healthy young person

  14. Amanda Wottowa says:

    Dont open the US too soon!!! We ALL know how dangerous that is. Yes, quarantine life sucks but I’d rather us do our best to knock this out!!!!

    • Tava Patton says:


    • zEropoint68 says:

      @Stephen how much is the economy going to matter if everyone dies? look, if you want to benefit economically from this, the thing you need to do right now is _stay home_ and _let it pass._ people are not going to stop having an economy just because there’s a virus for a while. read up on the european renaissance and exactly what the economic conditions were that started that (hint: it was literally the black death killing off a third of the european population, freeing resources for a class of economic innovators). there’s about to be a whole new world, and if you’re still thinking in 2019 economic terms, you’re going to end up _way_ behind the curve.

    • Bobby Johnson says:

      @Anders Ottosen so if trump failed did the whole world fail??? I know the answer because my heart ain’t full of hate except for BS.

    • Bobby Johnson says:

      @Alexander The Great haha you racist

    • Bobby Johnson says:

      @zEropoint68 omg dude not everybody is going to die you sheep. Unless you drink fish tank cleaner.

  15. Teresita Garvez says:

    The government was too late to lockdown every boarders and flight from other countries.

    • Bobby Johnson says:

      Well actually he tried to make sure there was border’s and people weren’t coming here as they please. But you people called him a racist…..

    • Redpill Coach says:

      It is always easier to complete that pass on Monday morning than it is on Sunday afternoon. It helps to know the plays ahead of time.

    • Kahwi Smith says:

      You are exactly right SMH!

  16. Stellar Que says:

    Lock down the county suspend rent for 2 month’s give food vouchers to ppl and no one goes anywhere

  17. bonestorm007 says:

    ‘infectious energy’. That an unfortunate slip of the tongue

  18. Kaeben says:

    For the first time, we can actually save the world by staying on our couches at home and watching TV. Let’s at least not screw this up!!

    • Hollowfist90 says:

      Yea while grocery employees keep working and get sick from y’all🙄

    • J. Ho says:

      @Kaeben, Your point of view is different. Is it weird to admit that it made me smiled? 😅
      However I agree, let’s not screw it up!!

    • Paul Mayfield says:

      Kaeben why not question it cause I have found no one with this virus and if they do get it , just a common cold. Why would they shut down the country on less then 1000 deaths and for influenza over 20,000 and they never even thought about it. Why do they need to move tanks and combat vehicles all over our country to help fight a virus they gonna shoot it with a tank?

    • Paul Mayfield says:

      You that’s against patient confidentiality to record them a doctor would not do that they could loose their job.

    • Paul Mayfield says:


  19. Dorothy Powers says:

    General Motors gets bail out and price gouges ventilators.

  20. stephen dresler says:

    “He just had this infectious energy….” poor choice of words lady.

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