Host Cardi B’s Opening Monologue from the 2021 American Music Awards – The American Music Awards

Host Cardi B’s Opening Monologue from the 2021 American Music Awards – The American Music Awards

Host Cardi B kicks off the 2021 AMAs live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Watch more highlights from ‘The 2021 American Music Awards’ and Stream Next Day on Hulu.

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35 Responses

  1. CHAYANNE says:

    me in my head whenever im in public walking

  2. jacob kesterson says:

    Wow, I never realized Cardi B had such a unique personality! I think I’ll check out her stuff now, respect earned. 🤌🏻

  3. Chelle Bonner says:

    How Can Anyone Hate Her, She’s So Real & Genuine 🤍🤍BARDI🤍🤍

  4. 808aaq says:

    Props to Cardi for bringing the fashions and the good fun hosting duties! She did not disappoint! Okrrrrrr!❤

  5. Nickiana's Bitches says:

    We need her to Host GRAMMYS

  6. Iris says:

    *For those who couldn’t understand what she’s saying:* 😂
    “What’s poppin’?!”
    “Woo! Damn, this crowd is loud!”
    “You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!” (joking)
    “I’m lying! Y’all get nothing…” (crowd laughs)
    *Introduces the AMA’s and herself.
    “Thank you to Silk Sonic (song by Bruno Mars) for starting us off tonight!”
    “Alright, alright. Hold on crowd, I ain’t going to lie, I’m nervous, I”m shaking”
    “Woo! My underarms itch! Woo! I’m sweating!”
    “I’m gonna let y’all at home know right now, I might get things messed up, I might stutter but whatever. Whatever, whatever, whatever, I’m giving looks” (Her outfits will make up for it 😂)
    “Anyways, enough about me; Tonight’s going to be fire! This show is full of performances from your favorite artists like BTS!” (crowd screams)
    “Bad Bunny!”(artist)
    “Carrie Underwood!”(artist)
    “Tyler, the Creator!” (artist)
    “GONEYO” (artist)
    “Olivia Rodrigo” (artist)
    “J-LO! (Jennifer Lopez)” (artist)
    “Plus, The Battle of Boston with New Kids on the Block and New Edition!” (bands)
    “Tonight we’re going to celebrate everybody’s hometown! Woo! Gotta be ready to holler!”
    “We celebrating everybody’s town. My hometown is The Bronx, the best place to vacation. And we got a beach over there, and everything!”
    “Anyways, anyways, alright”
    And so on…

  7. Iana says:

    You can’t get bored when cardi B is host 😂😂

  8. Hyomin K says:

    She’s so confident and an icon and love her 🥰

  9. moondust says:

    Cardi made it fun she was the right person for this she made it entertaining and she has a unique personality ALL THE GOOD VIBES

  10. F D says:

    She was hilarious today! She’s got the sass PLUS the humor. 😂 Never thought she’s this likeable as I always had this misconception about rappers being just majorly sassy minus the natural humor. 😅 Guess you could add me as her new fan from now on. 😄

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