Host Donald Trump Shops Around SNL For A Running Mate

Host Donald Trump Shops Around SNL For A Running Mate

Donald Trump hosts Saturday Night Live on November 7, 2015 with musical guest Sia.

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20 Responses

  1. Aoba-kun says:

    What kind of fuckery? That shit wasn’t funny in the slightest. Shame on you
    SNL and NBC, you’ve both officially jumped the shark with this one.

  2. lakeofire says:

    You smell it???You Smell the Liberal Democrat FEAR that TRUMP will be our
    next President?!?

  3. sun umbrella says:

    I haven’t watched SNL for probably 20 years but will watch this Saturday.

  4. Jeff Lebowski says:

    If Hillary gets airtime on SNL then it’s only fair that Trump can host.

  5. Lhessewa Ciu says:

    SND what a sell out !!!

  6. Awad Beatty says:

    I have it set on record!

  7. bulmer13 says:

    I’m just tuning in to piss of The Huffington Post.

  8. Carson J. says:


  9. DavidP089 says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  10. David Harrison says:

    I’m not a fan of SNL, but I’m glad he’s not backing down.

  11. vmeister11 says:

    Has of any folks seen the extremely repulsive anti-trump video (appears to
    have been developed by Clinton supporter(s)? Really vulgar and abusive to
    Youtube search: “trashing trump Deport Racism”

  12. Andy Shepard says:

    Well, so long as he can be funny, at least he will get another show once
    the campaign ends.

    I just wonder how many are flip flopping either way after the SNL Gun bit.
    Apparently, comedy is only funny to some when you agree with it…. Smh

  13. Aleksandr Cyplakov says:

    It’s gonna be…huuuuuge 😀


  14. DJ Abaka says:

    there’s gonna be at least one sketch about illegals lol

  15. Robert Whitney says:

    This is going to be #uge
    I can’t wait this will be the best thing to come SNL in years!

  16. David Kenway says:

    I liked this just to piss people off

  17. Luis C says:


  18. Konstantin Gerolsteiner says:

    Its gonna be HUGE. Haha Trumps the man

  19. Mimi Hernandez says:

    Will not watch SNL, Lorne has sold himself to the devil. I always thought
    better of this show and now feel very disappointed that hate, bigotry,
    racism was given this platform. DumpTRump it is not too late. Cast of SNL,
    wake up, you are basically telling Hispanics, women and the immigrant
    community that you support Dumptrump and his views. Have Cajones, we are a
    growing minority and will take names of those who support hate mongers like

  20. Manipulator of Universes says: