Hot Chip – Dancing In The Dark (Official Video)

Hot Chip – Dancing In The Dark (Official Video)

Hot Chip – Dancing In The Dark (Official Video)
Directed By Kieran Evans.

Taken From the EP ‘Dancing In The Dark’ available to download at:
Also available the album ‘Why Make Sense?’:

Hot Chip are to release a brand new four track EP entitled ‘Dancing In the Dark’, on 23rd October 2015. The EP opens up with the band’s epic seven minute version of the Springsteen classic, which they performed live during their triumphant headline sets at Glastonbury, Green Man and other festivals over the summer. The EP also features a reworking of ‘Cry For You’ taken from their critically acclaimed recent album, Why Make Sense?.

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20 Responses

  1. Miniclash says:


  2. Rob Silverman-Ascher says:

    I’ve always thought of Dancing in the Dark and All My Friends to be
    thematically related… super duper cool

  3. krazy16dude says:

    Bruce Springsteen just shed a tear. Original was infinitely better and even
    inspired the Carlton dance. This isn’t that cool.

  4. Melodía Sharon says:

    hope listen it at sonar argentina 2015 ♡

  5. MonetStargazer says:

    Great song!! Great video!!! And DUANE is still dancing omg!!!

  6. beanboyo says:

    Miss u LCD

  7. tony mozli-warren says:

    Wow brought me over here. Really remarkable cover. I love them
    dropping Lou Gossett Jr. into their mix. An eighties acid flashback…

  8. Alex F. Kegler says:


  9. Smurps says:

    Always sceptical when someone covers a classic, but Hot Chip absolutely
    nail this. Brilliant cover, would be absolutely perfect for me if the All
    My Friends segment was longer though!

  10. theBjrd says:

    THIS is the song they ended with at Lolla! dat LCD sample tho…

  11. J.R.S. Storch says:

    Love Hot Chip.

  12. Dorian Simon says:

    trop bien

  13. squirrelcup says:

    as a bruce springsteen and a lcd soundsystem fan … this is wow. thanks
    hot chip! :)

  14. Klipeda says:

    When that All My Friends sample comes on and you check to make sure spotify
    isn’t playing, then you realize Hot Chip’s just awesome.

  15. RateDTD says:

    That lady at 0:23 looks kinda like Kay Parker, that famous porn star in the
    80s and one of the original MILFS. I maybe wrong though.

  16. Sonar says:

    this is sad.

  17. guywhiteycorngood says:

    I was hoping they’d record a proper version of this amazing cover. There’s
    a YouTube recording out there of one their live versions I’ve probably
    watched a dozen times. So good.

  18. Mr Sarajevo says:

    Only 8 dislikes?

    Bunch of ass kissing fools. This sucked the leftover fecal matter of a dead
    man’s fat ass.

  19. John Anderson says:

    Hunnypot Approved, Thanks Marcy!

  20. M. Roy Clark says: