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well…. now you’ve seen me cry. so.


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-emma chamberlain

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27 Responses

  1. spongebob says:

    I’m sorry but, did Emma seriously just do foundation and that stuff, without putting her hair up?!?

  2. Janelis Sanchez says:

    This dark hair thing is actually really nice. U need to stop being so mean to u?? I’ll beat u up! Jk, love you♥️♥️♥️

  3. ME -tv says:

    your hair looks really good! it complements your skin tone.

  4. Karen Shriver says:

    anyone else think she looks SO good with dark hair??

  5. Jillian Baumgarty says:

    Her dark hair makes her hair look longer and I’m LIVING for it!?‍♀️

  6. Andres marcano says:

    I definitely don’t think her hair looks like when she dyed it black, I didn’t really like her black her but the dark brown looks amazing!!!

  7. Olivia Ferrell says:

    The dark hair does make you look older! It looks amazing!!!

  8. Riles says:

    Your hair looks really good this dark brown and it is NOT like last year’s dark brown. It suits your skin tone much better and I think will match your skin tone even as it lightens. ?

  9. Katie Rose Smith says:

    am i the only one who died when she said “i’m having a mental breakdown” and proceeded to look at the camera w concealer everywhere??

  10. mas sprite says:

    everyone: **goes blonde**
    emma: no

  11. r@munya says:

    Makes you look mature! ? I think it’s super cute and a great change for a bit! ❤️

  12. Sophia Foldery says:

    Emma: I’m not going to explain what I’m doing
    2 seconds later……
    Emma: I’m doing my eyebrows now

  13. Vivalavive2249 says:

    PLEASE KEEP THE DARK HAIR!!! It makes your eyes look so much more blue!

  14. Jayde Ramar says:

    2:50 a vibe
    But like the dark hair brings out her eyes ~♥~

  15. minerva abarra says:

    I have to bea really honest i really like your hair. I think brunette suits you more. ❤️
    Hugs all the way from Australia

  16. anastasia says:

    emma is so humble and sweet for trying to make sure it was clear that the hair stylist was good

  17. Jenna Vincent says:

    9:13 Literally the first time Emma cussed in this video and we’re over half way through?

  18. Gabby Gottshall says:

    * has hand infront of face * “WHy Is tHIs ShaDOW InMY fA Cce”

  19. Sonia's Way says:

    I think brunette really suits you, it looks natural on you and you look gorgeous ?

    Btw a small youtuber here, trying to spread positive vibes like you ?

  20. Harry Bailey says:

    14 minutes of Emma? Heck yes ?

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