Hotline Bling Parody – SNL

Hotline Bling Parody – SNL

Drake (Jay Pharoah) defends his “Hotline Bling” dance moves, pointing out that dads (Beck Bennett), teachers (Taran Killam), tax guys (Donald Trump) and Ed Grimley (Martin Short) all dance like him.

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20 Responses

  1. Veritas lux Mea says:

    SNL is terrible now

  2. flipingboredcritic says:

    Wtf is this?! Wtf SNL?! Wtf! This is fucking heart breaking, fucking A! SNL
    used to have legends like Tina Fey, Chris Farley, Will Ferrel, Eddie
    Murphy, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler (when he was good), and even fucking John
    Belushi! Fucking John Belushi! They went from that to this?! What the fuck
    happened to you SNL?! Wtf you guys aren’t funny! Fuck sakes the original
    memes are more fucking funny then this crap u put on live Television.
    Fucking shame on you guys, you guys sink more then Mind of Mencia when he
    had his own show. Fucking lazy, and unhumorous. Fire whoever is writing for
    your show.

  3. bestieverhad xo says:


  4. Elijah Jones says:

    Donald Trump made me laugh so loud. At least he can do stupid things and
    laugh about it

  5. Seven Foot Pelican says:

    Jesus Christ, America.

  6. flipingboredcritic says:

    I basically unsubscribed because of this video, I can’t even watch this
    entire garbage, plus I hear Donald Trump is in this video, ewk no please
    and no thank you. SNL is trash now.

  7. Alex Kennedy says:

    is that donald trump

  8. Destiny Goff says:

    Donald Trump sound just like Nicolas Cage!

  9. Ea A says:

    This wasn’t funny at all. I don’t get how people think it’s funny?? Lol

  10. Mr. Flawless says:

    #BUILDTHEWALL #Trump2016

  11. matrixistrue says:

    lame at the start but fun at the end.

  12. Dee “Timmy2Time” J says:

    I am chuckling, when I should be laughing.

    I really want to love you SNL but it’s like you can’t find that missing
    puzzle piece to turn a sketch from funny but forgettable to hilarious and

  13. Sophisticated Chimp says:

    Check out my moms reaction to hotline bling on my page!!!!

  14. S Jackson says:

    i liked it. actually made me laugh

  15. DrakeFanOVO drizzy says:

    This is not funny at all

  16. ladistar says:

    Awesome sketch! TRUMP IN 2016!!!!!

  17. Bruck Lee says:

    not even funny its cringe, leave parodies to bart baker

  18. Debashish Kaushik says:

    is that Trump?

  19. ciao wutang says:


  20. i swear she was eighting! says:

    Make America great again more like make snl great again.