House Hunting in Japan

House Hunting in Japan

It’s our first video in our new house! We finally moved into our home in Japan. Yay! We’ll tell you what house hunting was like, and show you some of the places we checked out 😀

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20 Responses

  1. postsonurface says:

    Why are northamericans obssesed w bathtubs?

  2. Toni Berry says:

    “Zombie Proof”!! You made me chortle! ;D Congrats on your new house!! You
    guys are just too adorbs!

  3. socially akward girl says:

    I see that your almost close to 1million it looks like ?

  4. LouLou LeLouch says:

    I can’t believe you guys are 40,000 away from 1 million subscribers!!

  5. JCXP123 says:

    Wow a house!! 😀 Does Martina have difficulty with the stairs though? :(

  6. Katelyn McCaigue says:

    Hey Simon and Martina! Thanks for the helpful info! I also read your blog
    post about other obstacles when trying to rent in Japan and it was very
    insightful. My husband and I have been wanting to move there for a while
    (we are in Arizona, USA) and are trying to just wrap our heads around how
    to get there and accomplish it.

    Your videos are super helpful (I have watched all your moving and living in
    Japan episodes so far) but are there any other beginner steps we should
    start looking into? Like first steps or first things to start researching?
    I am an independent manga artist and full time graphic designer here in
    Arizona so I don’t even know where to begin for looking for a job and such.
    My husband works in IT so he may have an easier time finding a technology

    Any help is greatly appreciate! Thank you so much!

  7. Stephanie Wong says:

    Martina! I love your black coat!! Where is it from :)

  8. RilakkumaKitten says:

    This channel has one of the nicest comment sections I have ever seen!
    Wishing you luck guys and cant wait to see Spudgy and Meemers!

  9. Silver Panda says:

    Is it a single house? If it is then why should they care if you are playing
    music in the middle of the night? It won’t bother anyone. Same with pets
    too. If you brought it and it is YOUR house, they can’t tell you what to

  10. CoolHandLuke says:


  11. Tammy Sophia says:

    Omg!!! I love the one overlooking the city in the beginning! It was

  12. MewKage13 says:

    Congrats on the new house!!!! We’ll be seeing Spudgy and the Meems soon I

  13. Barbara Diniz says:

    Zombie proof LOL

  14. Jennifer LoCicero says:

    House tour!!!!!!!!!

  15. Yoyo Miyoko says:

    House hunting is pretty much the same in London, too. Not all the landlord
    ask for guarantor, but I experienced it once.

  16. Yoyo Miyoko says:

    Oh, and of course, living close to a tube or railway station does count in
    London as well. For me the first thing to check how far the flat is from
    the stations and bus stops 😀 and not because I don’t like walking. Oh

  17. Kaitybubbly says:

    Can’t wait for the extended house tour once you’re all moved in. ?

  18. AwkwardJeff says:

    “Punch a baby” pwhahaha!

  19. Alex Kolesnik says:

    CONGRATS, Must have been an interesting experience. Maybe do a few vlogs
    about the neighborhood, furnishing , Keep it up

  20. Theron Bonneur says:

    I’m pumped for you guys. I lived there for 2 years and it was awesome. I
    still dream of Coco Ichiban…. Love that stuff. Gotta climb Mount Fugi.