House of Cards | Season 5 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

House of Cards | Season 5 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

“The American people don’t know what’s best for them…. I do.” House of Cards returns with all new episodes May 30 on Netflix.

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House of Cards | Season 5 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Giacomo Sirtori says:

    instant boner

  2. David Zeman says:


  3. SBST says:

    kevin spacey is underrated asf

  4. Ferran Mateo says:

    Like real America lol.

  5. Salt & Pepe 69 says:


  6. MY NAME IS JEFF says:

    A vote for Frank Underwood is a vote for AmericaWorks !

  7. Ruben Stevens says:

    Sounds like the thinking of the DNC

  8. AssassinOfEgypt says:

    So is the Pledge of Allegiance changing now? Because I’m all for it.

  9. Striker163 says:

    FU 2016-2020-2024-2028-2032-2036-2040-2044-2048-2052….. One Nation Underwood.

  10. Priyanker Rao says:

    Haven’t seen house of cards. But hell, this trailer makes me wanna start this. ??

  11. Jahid Rustamov says:

    I hope he will bring monarchy by the end of the series.

  12. Jack Byrne says:

    Who else is watching in 0.25 speed to get every little detail … roll on May 30th!

  13. Khan Singh says:

    Real life American politics is unrealistic compared to this show

  14. Jarrod Alonge says:

    My wood is primed.

  15. Maurício Rodrigues says:

    Donald Trump is just a sweaty ball sack compared to Frank Underwood.

  16. A Random koala says:

    Calling it conway is going to kill himself heard it first from here

  17. shinnooo says:

    Underwood – 255
    Conway – 245
    Votes for Ohio and Pennsylvania are still counting……

  18. Andrew Lobster says:

    My mom walked in and I had to switch to porn so it made sense to why I was fapping

  19. Macario Patrick says:

    Kevin Spacey is back to play the most diabolical character to ever enter the White House. Mister President will see you now!

  20. Kalpesh says:

    2016, 2020- Frank Underwood
    2024, 2028- Claire Underwood
    2032, 2036- Do they have a secret child?

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