House of the Dragon | Official Teaser Trailer | HBO Max

House of the Dragon | Official Teaser Trailer | HBO Max

History does not remember blood. It remembers names. August 21. #HouseoftheDragon

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44 Responses

  1. HBO Max says:

    Check out more official trailers on HBO Max here:

    • DHarken says:

      Hope there will be aeogon the conqueror first

    • XNightX says:

      Been soooo hyped even before Game of Thrones ended for this to become reality!!!! I can not waitttt let’s goooo!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐲

    • Ansumana Hargett says:

      @Moises jose martinez  Agree

    • Moises jose martinez says:

      @Ian Vera Too bad that this niche of fans is like 1%, you see how Netflix did asking that public, hahaha

    • Moises jose martinez says:

      Being frank seeing the many problems of the last season of the previous series and seeing the pathetic attempt with the Lord of the Rings, it is most likely that this series will fail in the first season.

  2. Extra says:

    desperately need this series to have as many seasons as possible. Dear HBO, do NOT rush this as well

    • - 6ix says:

      @Getting That Love They’ve learned not to hire D&D again

    • Eric Montaño says:

      That iton thrones is amazing

    • Costello Mhor says:

      Problem with GOT wasn’t lack of seasons it was lack of source material and failure to get competent writers to cover for that later on. That and D&D completely checking out cos they thought they’d already made it and didn’t need to put any effort into finishing the story properly.

      OTOH this has very little source material so it will be down to whether or not they’ve got good writers in this time.

    • Coffee Chatz says:

      WHY must they tease us

    • A Knight of Cybertron says:

      @Sweet Karma imagine rushing something in order to get to another project only for that project to be canceled 💀. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are some of the most incompetent writers/showrunners I’ve ever seen

  3. Antoine Bandele says:

    Hoping this does really well.

  4. Duke SHEIKH says:

    The soundtrack having the touch of Game Of Thrones OST is just amazing.

  5. bridge4 says:

    finally a dragon!! and the best one at that. Team Caraxes!!

    • Empyrean says:

      @SiggeD yeah. in the books, dragons also have flames of different colors that i wish they would do. Meleys the Red Queen is red with black accents, Caraxes the Bloodwyrm is mostly all red, Sunfyre is golden, Vhagar is a great green beast, Seasmoke is a pale grey dragon, Syrax is also greenish, Tessarion is cobalt, etc.

    • SiggeD says:

      @Empyrean Yeah so ive heard too. I really hope they will make the dragons look diffrent since there are so many of them

    • SiggeD says:

      @Ryer Ahh yes that seems about right!

    • Empyrean says:

      Caraxes the Bloodwyrm, Prince Daemon’s fearsome mount! The dragon flying toward the Red Keep early in the trailer was Syrax with Rhaenyra on top. IDK if the dragon at the very end is Caraxes though. Caraxes and Meleys are supposed to be huge dragons, even bigger than Drogon in S8 as they have been alive for decades.

    • Ryer says:

      That’s Syrax with Rhaenyra on her back.

  6. BSK The King says:

    I’m so excited everything seems to be along the right trajectory for this to succeed. No flashy, over the top dramatic movie scenes that bloated GOT last season but a slow build up of its story through suspenseful thrilling content that’ll set the stage for a long epic story that earns its climatic ending. That’s how GOT become big at the start and how forgetting it made it flop at the end. So glad to be hyped for this franchise again

    • Joshua Adams says:

      Yeah I noticed that. It wasn’t just dragon shots but instead a good amount of character suspense and dialogue with a hint of dragons.

  7. TottiKarotti says:

    When LOTR and HoD were announced I was way more excited for LOTR. Now it’s the complete opposite. I think this show will be great!

  8. Kai1907 says:

    I read the book some weeks ago. If the show only does half as good as the book it’s already going to be on a early GoT Season level amazing. I‘m really looking forward to the battles with all the dragons ❤️‍🔥

    • Empyrean says:

      Vhagar vs Arrax is the first dragon fight of the Dance of Dragons. Its a one sided affair as Vhagar is gargantuan. Next is Meleys vs Vhagar and Sunfyre. Vhagar alone survives that battle with Meleys being killed and Sunfyre crippled. Then we have the Battle of the Gullet where five dragons fight off a fleet of ships but the dragon Vermax and its prince get killed by scorpion bolts. The best dragon fight is Vhagar vs Caraxes above Harrenhal in which all parties die but Daemon epically kills his nephew with a sword thrust to the head jumping from Caraxes to Vhagar. Last dragon battle is Seasmoke vs Vermithor, Silverwing and Tessarion. Silverwing alone survives. Four dragons in total survive the Dance: Silverwing, Sheapstealer, Morning (due to being newly hatched) and The Cannibal (which remained underneath Dragonstone most of its life).

    • Ricardo Pestana says:

      if it’s half as good as the book then it will be pretty awful

    • Kyle says:

      @Ameira Like Luca said, this will be a couple centuries before Game of Thrones. However HBO is also looking at making several other spinoffs in this world so who knows, a prequel including Rhaegar and Lyanna might appear sometime in the future.

    • Luca Salerno says:

      @Ameira Nope, this is set a couple of centuries before Robert’s conquest

    • Ameira says:

      Is there any chance we’ll see Rhaeger and Lyanna Stark in this?

  9. dido60100 says:

    So thrilled the part where queen Alicent enters in the room gives me the red wedding vibe. Plots betrayals and 🐉 I didn’t think I would feel like that. good job it looks like there’s more money in it than GOT 1st season

  10. SNOW SOS says:


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