House of the Dragon S1E08 Explained

House of the Dragon S1E08 Explained

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This video has no spoilers for House of the Dragon beyond Episode 8. It does have spoilers for the original Game of Thrones show.

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Images and video from Game of Thrones used under fair use.
Images from The World of Ice and Fire used with permission from Random House.
Full art credits forthcoming.

Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Ryan Steele, Harry, Shane Veglia, Jason Rattray, NotGac, Tim Cunniff, Tessa Campbell-Kelly, T. Ledoux, Ord X, Ruven Dewender, Doctor Folter, MaxPal, Jake.


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53 Responses

  1. Alt Shift X says:

    He can keep his tongue.
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    • TiaguinhoMu says:

      “you are no son of mine” what about that rumor that a targeryan “raped” tywyn’s wife and he is actualy a targeryan and not son of tywyn

    • André Lapa says:

      he really said that, good ol’ Matt

    • I Z says:

      When the king mentioned Aegon being king and uniting nations he meant no one else other than Jon Snow Aegon was his real name and he did unite the nations if it wasn’t for him the night king would have won

    • DifferentKindofGlam says:

      Daddy Daemon

    • Vladimir Rashkovsky says:

      8:14 ok I’m sorry but 1 of these 4 is not like the other. “Dad will call me a whore for bedding Theon; a guy who treats me like a sex toy” and “my baby was yanked from my arms and decapitated by a knight because I slept with the king(who I legally can’t deny the right to sleep with me)” are not in the same boat.

  2. Lemon Boi says:

    Paddy really hit it out of the park with his performance this episode, the way he portrayed someone whose body was literally falling apart was haunting, his entrance into the hall was just epic and his final meal with his family was both wholesome and tragic considering what’s about to happen.

  3. Easily Impressed Old Man says:

    Shows the quality of the character writing that just having Daemon help his brother up a staircase is one of the best scenes in both series.

  4. Dzan500 says:

    Viserys’ entrance into the throne room has been one of the higlights of this season for me, congrats to Paddy Considine for a perfect portrayal.

  5. Joseph Harrison says:

    Pfffft “He wins the staring contest because he has twice as many eyes” is one of the best lines in these videos so far

  6. Luster_X says:

    Rhaenys didn’t just change her mind. She saw the King rising to defend his daughter’s claim. She is very smart, she knew earlier that Rhaenyra will lose because the hightowers and everyone else is against her. I personally think Rheanys know how to better evaluate every situation. She tells Rhaenyra what would happen when she tries to get the throne and i don’t think it was out of jealousy. she always confront others about their real intentions like she did with Corlys about his ambitions. In my opinion she is one of the best characters that know how politics works. The title “The Queen who never was” is just perfect. SHE IS a queen but not of the throne. Always in time for your amazing videos alt. Thanks :>

    • Roots_And_Echoes says:

      She saw her cousin, dying, rising for his daughter, she was moved by this. Supporting Vaemond’s Claim would be like an act of war against Viserys and obviously his daughter Rhaenyra. Yes she’s smart, and it was a smart move for her, but she’s also a pretty good and wise woman, who loves his cousin and his grand-daughters and even his “grandsons”.

    • Sarah says:

      @neuralmute If Olenna had been given a dragon’s egg as a babe, she would absolutely have been a dragon rider! 🙌👑🙌

    • neuralmute says:

      @Matea Filipova Only more badass, because she rides a dragon.

    • Sarah Williamson says:


  7. Luke Borley says:

    The announcer, the music, Paddy himself and the deliberate slow walk towards the throne made him really feel like a king. What a great scene

  8. lumi says:

    This episode was such a tragedy especially the dinner scene where Viserys unmasks himself and pleads with his family to set aside their grievances before it is too late, very powerful scene and very powerful episode

  9. Senpee YT says:

    can’t believe the scene where Daemon picks up Viserys’ crown and helps him to the throne was improvised, just goes to show how great the casting was

    • Senpee YT says:

      @Arthur Balls it happened during a rehearsal i believe and they liked it so much they decided to write it into the episode. As for a source, Shwift himself said it in the video and lots of other youtubers have stated this aswell! im pretty sure it’s from one of the BTS videos they post

    • UserX-1099 says:

      @A&K C&R this scene with the brutal “beheading” later shows a complete picture of Daemon – a ruthless killer who still shows loyalty and kindness. A true complex character.

    • Arthur Balls says:

      what’s your source for claiming it was improvised? How did they get the close up of the crown being picked up if it was improvised?

    • Morrissey says:

      @Senpee YT would have liked to have seen daemons speech

    • Senpee YT says:

      @corbeau mhm! I’m really happy they liked Smith’s improv and werent so self absorbed that they chose to scrap their idea and put Smith’s idea in the episode, the scrne really made me tear up and felt way more in character. This is something which D&D could really learn from.

  10. skwud ley says:

    Viserys looking around the table at his family all smiling, having fun, putting their differences aside was such a sweet moment. Then it wasn’t

    • Alan's Saladbar says:

      @FrostyFTL This guy is a people pleaser his entire life, constantly running away from problems, kicking multiple cans down the road, and is probably the main reason why they even have this impending succession crisis in the first place. I’m pretty sure he seriously believes everything could be just fine, just like how he believes everything could be alright every time he ignores giant glaring problems.

    • FrostyFTL says:

      He’s not happy, he’s actually heart broken because he knows whats happening around him is a facade and that as soon as he dies, the entire Kingdom goes to war

    • neuralmute says:

      @karl G To be fair, he *does* become a legend…

    • karl G says:

      @Monsieur La Guillotine imagine what aemond could be after learning dragon tactics & fighting from daemon. Eventually probably get dark sister and become a legend

    • Just Do it says:

      sad if you think about it, he dies thinking they will just be a happyfamily but look what happens

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