Houston flood: Trump visits Texas amid ‘epic’ rainfall – BBC News

Houston flood: Trump visits Texas amid ‘epic’ rainfall – BBC News

US President Donald Trump is visiting Texas as the state struggles amid record rainfall from a massive storm.
He and First Lady Melania Trump flew to Corpus Christi, where Hurricane Harvey first made landfall on Friday.
Governor Greg Abbott said he wanted the president to understand the enormous challenges that Texans faced.
Unprecedented flooding has driven thousands of people from their homes, particularly in the Houston area where two dams are overflowing.
At least nine people are reported to have died, including six members of the same family whose van was swept away by rising floodwater, and a man in his 60s who apparently drowned while trying to swim to safety.

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20 Responses

  1. cynthia nanga says:

    That handshake tho?

  2. hardnewstakenharder says:

    Climate change is real, 45!

  3. Sweet Lil Devil says:

    Why didn’t ANTIFA show up??? Afraid they’re going to have to do something positive and HELP people or something???

  4. E says:

    A destructive force of nature full of wind blew into Texas. The hurricane was also there.

  5. S Robbin says:

    why do they have to fly him there, he never heard of skype before ? lol

  6. akumati4061 says:

    Trump is the last thing Texas needs, they already have 1 disaster.

  7. Flame Da Fallen warrior says:

    Stay safe, Texans.

  8. syco says:

    “We’ll congratulate each other when it’s all finished”.. LOL in his mind, he’s already planning the bigly-est circle jerk ever!

  9. NikesBruh says:

    #PrayForTexas ?

  10. Awas says:

    A chance for Trump to donates his millions for the country …that he claims to love so much (the Hat)

  11. Zephyr The Artist says:

    What the hell is wrong with a President coming to the site of a natural disaster to help boost the morale of the relief efforts?

  12. 30s30 says:

    President Trump: The water is really wet

  13. David Ken Hanson says:

    All these Trump haters are hatting Trump for no reason no matter what he does he gets hate just because he’s Trump if it was Obama he would probably be golfing like last time

  14. Monster Power says:

    Trump is a disaster himself

  15. The Unknown says:

    And just when things couldn’t get worse for the people in Texas, Trump shows up

  16. Josh Threeton says:

    “no one’s ever seen anything like this” -Trump

    Did he forget about Katrina? New Orleans flooding and getting destroyed. Fuck that douche bag.

  17. Merry Mary says:

    Great job Mr President and First lady

  18. Mister Jinxy says:

    ” no one has ever seen anything like this.” ……. I vaguely remember a storm called Katrina.

  19. AVM3798 says:

    The people who are complaining about his visit are the same people who would complain if he didn’t.

  20. epicstacker413 says:

    I swear Trump could find a cure for cancer, and people would still be triggered.

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