Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers | Full Game Highlights

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers | Full Game Highlights

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets 119-117. LeBron James had 30 PTS & 10 AST for the Lakers, while Christian Wood and Jalen Green put up 26 and 24 PTS, respectively, for the Rockets in their loss.

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49 Responses

  1. Alpha Male Strategies - AMS says:

    What Lebron is doing at his age is incredible!

  2. Carla Urias says:

    I can’t wait to hear Skips reasoning tomorrow

  3. Alexander Fell says:

    the announcers are obsessed with the fact that kpj went to USC

  4. How to Lag 2k says:

    Jalen is going to be reeeaaal nice!

    • Stephanie Ruiz says:

      @Austin Eunice bro is the best rookie so far wdym 😂

    • Austin Eunice says:

      @Stephanie Ruiz he’s averaging 14 a game on terrible shooting splits. he’s had 2 good games, i’d take mobley, barnes, and wagners seasons they’ve been consistent and actually shooting efficiently

    • How to Lag 2k says:

      @Austin Eunice dude were like 7 games into the season, lay off the stats until all the rookies start getting the flow of the game then we can talk

    • Austin Eunice says:

      @How to Lag 2k i’m not saying he’ll be bad or anything but i’m just saying there are rookies playing far better rn and ppl think he’s the best rookie right now he’s not

    • How to Lag 2k says:

      @Austin Eunice oh yeah definitly, as a rockets fan i know there are far more rookes performing better than jalen, but that doesnt mean jalen wont win rookie of the year

  5. Teran Icer says:

    This isn’t the 1st or the last time u’ll see a young team lose a close game. Lakers D needs work true, but young legs can keep a team close.

    • Rondell Brandon says:

      They will rebound in the locker room and (now) are team motivated playing against a legend…although close to his omega days still playing at an outstanding NBA level. You don’t get to the NBA based on just one scout…..training camp is like boot camp but the G league always has that thirsty shark licking his lips…..don’t slip

  6. Abel Garza III says:

    Lebron’s autumn years 😢 crazy how we countdown to the end to see where he ends up in history

  7. Darnell Darden says:

    Not a Lebron fan but the way he knows how to pace himself for the whole game is incredible. He knows it’s a marathon not a sprint and puts his foot on the gas at the right times to win the game

  8. G.A.M.A says:

    People really said Bron was done after that injury last year lol. Dude is built differently.
    Any real bball fan knew it was just a matter of time for Russ to integrate the team. Slowly but surely.
    We need to improve on defense though.

    • Bob Keps says:

      @Joseph Terrell hate to break it to you. One guy who has been injured for 2 yrs, and is extremely fragile now. Isn’t going to change a team that lost play in game to championship contender. Steph, klay, and dray weren’t champions until they had the deepest roster in the league. Even with Wiseman and klay back they’re far from that. Dray can’t score no more, iggy old AF, Wiseman young AF(and coming off injury), klay rusty AF(and injury prone), steph is always lights out in reg season but not the same guy in pressure situations. Plus you don’t have the size to contend with a fully cohesive lakers.

    • xx4everGoxted-YT says:

      @Joseph Terrell Every team plays their best against the Lakers and it’s a fact💯

    • Enzo Ravina says:

      You’ve played 5 straight trash teams. The NBA scheduled the Lakers like this so their record wouldn’t be terrible to start. And they’re barely beating those team ls

    • edgar ochoa says:

      @Enzo Ravina stay mad

  9. G.A.M.A says:

    This league will def be different when Bron leaves.. phewwwwww! 🔥

  10. Chres Aye. says:

    Jalen green is crazy 🔥🔥🔥

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