Houston vs. Michigan: Jordan Poole shot beats the buzzer for the win!

Houston vs. Michigan: Jordan Poole shot beats the buzzer for the win!

Michigan freshman Jordan Poole hits a incredible three-pointer as the clock runs out to take the Wolverines past Houston and into the Sweet 16.

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80 Responses

  1. Doondah says:

    Can anyone say “epic”? Lol

  2. Dino Spumoni says:

    What a shot.

  3. Trevor Tronic says:

    I watched it live

  4. Colin McCray says:

    Watched it live they gotta know jordan poole got a strap

  5. Keith S. says:

    1:48 you had to feel bad for the guy

  6. PowerfulDragon says:

    oof.. this one hurt as a houstonian. i feel bad for the fella that missed both free throws just before that busted coverage inbounds pass.

  7. Miguel Guzmán says:

    ¡GO BLUE!


    That dude grey was annoying…. Serves Houston right for being so Cocky and sure that the game was won

  9. Jaylen says:

    not a houston fan but i wish camera men would let people mourn without a camera in their face

  10. Melvino Jr says:

    Poole is so pumped right now. He will be high for a month!

  11. Lawn Boy says:

    Is this not the most insane March madness ever

  12. Chad Savick says:

    That was a terrible game with a great ending. GO BLUE

  13. Reed Spodek says:

    Um it’s great to be a Michigan wolverine

  14. Christos Belibasakis says:

    My bracket was at 99.8% and I had Houston going two rounds deeper…

  15. Christos Belibasakis says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that a Houston player missed two free throws before this

  16. OneBoardGamer says:

    What a game…feel bad for Houston or anyone on the other end of something like that…but UM has had their share of being on the other side of those in all sports…feels good to be on this side this time!! #GOBLUE

    • Jon Stevens says:

      OneBoardGamer YES it DOES!!!

    • Porkie Boy says:


    • gothatway09 says:

      Yeah but UM has won way more then UH. UH had something like this happen in the NCAA championship game back in 1983. They had Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler, both future NBA hall of famers, and lost on a dunk by North Carolina State, a team full of scubs….I don’t think anyone on that team even made it into the NBA or lasted very long.

  17. Christos Belibasakis says:

    Houston we have a problem

  18. Minder Jahal says:

    If only he would of made those 2 free throws

  19. KyleJPie10 says:

    Trey Burke flashbacks

  20. SLAPCHOPshamwow says:

    Ohio loses, U of M gets to the Sweet 16

    the world is as it should be

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