Hoverboard Prank

Hoverboard Prank

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Produced by Michael Rodriguez Dueñas x Light Regions


Directed by Ryan Correll

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20 Responses

  1. MacandCheeseLover77 says:

    Nice marty Mcfly outfit

  2. Pat C says:

    Hysterical hover board prank…

  3. Phil ipp says:

    1:35 think about she has an orgasm.. shiat

  4. OzimGaming says:

    2:27 I really like this part, and her voice.

  5. Satan says:

    Asian girl at 1:30 be like “Yeah” fuck it, last time I saw someone fly it
    was my mother who’s now lying in a river in Taiwan being rescued.

  6. Business says:

    Who else looked for Marty McFly on instagram?

  7. LowBatteryFilms says:

    2:29 my PC froze :’)

  8. Don Omar says:

    I hate people hunts for likes. like if you agree

  9. BLooD 4 GeeK says:

    u are AwwwwwwwwwwwweSome

  10. Gon Freecss says:

    MARTY MCFLY XD ROLF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. aadil shaikh says:

    Why the fuck can’t we see him from the ground to the top ? He always cuts
    the board or the top…

  12. Playboy YouTube says:

    Nice trick.

  13. Azphix Xaxa says:

    See man, this are your type of pranks and stuff. This is what you should
    have been doing 3 vids or so ago. THIS is the stuff that made you famous.

  14. Amigis Virtuales says:

    Im not a fan… Hhaha 

  15. I Am Minion says:

    Oh look a prank that doesn’t involve pissing black people off, that’s

  16. JackLockSucker says:

    Like if you’re watching this in 2014!

  17. XxRelaxedSpy1xX 2004 says:

    That hover board was real. they made it 2014 JAN to FEB

  18. Nestore.Alotto Voice-Over says:

    1:50-1:54 Funny how the prank turned the black guy, who seemed distrustful
    and indifferent, into an amazed child in a few seconds.
    Another good creation! Thank you and congratulations Rahat! ; ) 

  19. Matthew Jones says:

    and then he takes off like apollo fucking 13…

  20. Emerald Chang says: