How 18th-Century Medicine Killed George Washington

How 18th-Century Medicine Killed George Washington

What killed George Washington? Turns out it was probably related to the bloodletting and other 18th-century medicine his doctors applied.

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Hosted by: Hank Green


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20 Responses

  1. lovepatches says:

    Now I’m starting to seriously wonder how humans survived past some of the
    medical practices of the past. Good grief.

  2. CiproIsPoisonDotCom says:

    You think modern day antibiotics aren’t bad? Educate yourself on
    fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, etc). They’re
    permanently crippling untold numbers of unsuspecting patients annually, and
    the FDA is turning a blind eye. Take a look at some of the videos I’ve
    uploaded to see just a few of the victims’ stories. These drugs are NO

  3. Lucho-Core says:

    I wonder if future medics will cringe as hard when learning about our
    current methods.

  4. Chris Carr says:

    Wow, I wonder what they’re going to say 100 years from now about the we we
    do medicine? What! they gave him A radioactive injection to cure his
    cancer? And then the showered his body with radiation? His family watched
    in horror as he lost his hair and had pain all over his body only to be
    told that it only had a 40% success rate? oh well I guess doctors were just
    doing the best that they could following the knowledge of that time.

  5. Riuk881 says:

    Yeah… As a history professor, if you’re going to go back in time here are
    some tips: don’t eat anything, don’t get sick, speak as little as possible
    and be prepared for the smells.

  6. scrappmutt2 says:

    The parallels between the content of this video and the role of Keynesian
    economics in our country today are astounding.

  7. klondike444 says:

    And antibiotics are starting to lose their effectiveness. They were good
    while they lasted.

  8. Big Jake says:

    Dialysis!? My god, what is this, the dark ages?

  9. Salam phi says:

    “From modern medicine we know that being cold and wet does not make you
    sick but” – explains how being cold and wet makes you sick – .
    He is contradicting himself.

  10. tumblingski says:

    that was absolutely horrifying

  11. Yves Baumgartner says:

    Back in the day: bloodletting ftw! Nevermind the consequences!
    Today: antibiotics ftw! Nevermind the consequences!

  12. High-Waisted Pantaloons says:

    And now we need John Green to let us know what his final words were.

  13. PhillyGirl1 says:

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  14. Derya Ozcan says:

    If the four humors idea of medicine was so important, how did we discover
    otherwise, was it gradual or sudden?

  15. It's Me says:

    This just goes to show how idiotic humans can be. Once a person believes
    that what they believe is the absolute only truth, there is no more hope
    for that person to be reasonable, even in the face of massive evidence to
    the contrary of said beliefs….

  16. Derpster2493 says:

    Medical malpractice is still the highest killer.

  17. Lawrence Tider says:

    This wasn’t very humorous.

  18. carschmn says:

    Well, his doctors really did make sure he was dead.

  19. ChrisD4335 says:

    oh well hed b dead by now anyways

  20. Arrnea Stormbringer says:

    19th century medicine also basically killed President James A. Garfield by
    giving him septicaemia (surgeons prodding with unsterilised hands) and
    damaging his organs, among other things. Admittedly, the man had been shot,
    but it would not, with today’s medical knowledge, have been fatal.