How a melancholy egg yolk conquered Japan

How a melancholy egg yolk conquered Japan

Gudetama, explained

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When you think about the cuteness culture in Japan, the word “kawaii” comes to mind. The word, which signals more of a childlike sense of cute, came about in the 70s and it’s been used globally ever since. And Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, has built an empire around the “kawaii” culture. Cuteness is a reaction. In Japan, the kawaii culture and concept is often linked to the country’s post-WWII years. The idea is that, because of its trauma and defeat, the country leaned into its vulnerability. Decades later— Sanrio’s new face of kawaii is an egg yolk with depression, questioning life. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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20 Responses

  1. Zekcryon says:

    Gudetama thicc

  2. Ryan Le says:

    I bet a lot of people can relate to Gudetama because of his personality

  3. BarnitoSupreme says:


  4. Sunny Dsouza says:

    I love these types of vox videos, instead of going totally political

  5. hellokittygurl27 says:

    i love me a depressed egg

  6. Katachuu says:

    I relate a lot to this melancholy egg yolk

  7. M S says:

    Never nuke a country twice.

  8. Katachuu says:

    Northernlion voice: Henlo egg brother, squad up egg bois

  9. omanko ga sukii desu says:

    Gudetama shares my ideals on life

    Doing nothing.

  10. Critical Eats Japan says:

    Eggcellent video! Sorry, I know… that’s a really bad and overdone yolk… 🙁

  11. ThatOne youtubeguy says:


  12. Preet Bhandal says:

    Have you ever looked at a comment and thought. ” Why didn’t I write that”?

  13. Jens Hans says:

    Germany reacted a bit different to their losses in the world wars.

  14. Enthused Norseman says:

    So he’s Japanese Eeyore, basically.

  15. Ducking Around says:

    What if its sad because it knows it will be eaten eventually so it thinks life is meaningless, then on the last cartoon of it it is eaten lmao

  16. kittykatkitteh says:

    Nuclear warfare, Syria, Disney, and an egg yolk with a cute butt all in one video. I love it.

  17. Afro Daily says:

    i would expect to see this on vice not vox but ok im out!

  18. Sudipta Adhikary says:

    Clearly Vox hasn’t heard about Pakalu Papito.

  19. David Boucard says:

    Consider revising title to: How a Melancholy Egg Yolk Conquered My Heart

  20. Shadow_Owl242 says:

    Here before Gudetama becomes mainstream

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