How Americans got stuck with endless drug commercials

How Americans got stuck with endless drug commercials

And what they’re doing to our health.

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20 Responses

  1. IngloriousBulk says:

    Don’t do Drugs they say… ???

  2. Maya says:

    Why the fuck would there be commercial for prescription drugs on TV?
    America is fucked up on so many weird levels

  3. Twiistz says:

    I love this presenter

  4. Jacek Neumann says:

    We also have a similar case in Poland. It’s nothing unusual to see a
    vaginitis or hemmorhoid medicine ad while you watch TV during lunch.

  5. TheHanspeter8 says:

    Great video and great presentation, good video Vox, balanced and fair
    reporting even though the topic is political.

    I mean the message is still liberal and progressive (which is the
    correct positon to hold on this topic I believe) but the video attempts to
    be fair and isn’t just caricaturing the opposition. This is good journalism
    you are allowed to be opinionated but please be fair in reporting and don’t
    strawman (like Liz Plank or Late night TV).

  6. Sathira Katugaha says:

    why the hell does everything in America need to be based of off business
    and money. they can’t even put public health before it! when directly
    advertising drugs to consumers it is quite clear that the average Joe
    doesn’t know smack about the drug, in essence it turns the battle of
    breakthrough medicines away from science and more towards pretty pictures
    on a television set. absolutely disgusting.

  7. NonExistingName says:

    Look at the video length.

    Bush didn’t do 9/11.

    Vox did.

  8. pramitbanerjee says:

    Spending millions on advertising, marketing, instead of spending that
    amount on research and development

  9. Tim Bradley says:

    Well made, but not great journalism. Presenting “both sides” neutrally lead
    to dangerous assumptions.
    The fact is that the US is about 5% of the world population, but consumes
    about 75% of the World’s prescription drugs, is the most expensive country
    for healthcare and yet still has among the worst health outcomes of any
    industrialised country.
    I have got to think this plays a part in that.

  10. MisterPhiloe says:

    The argument that Advertisements would educate people, and make people more
    conscious.. is by far one of the dumbest (serious) arguments I have heard..
    Instead.. make “commercials” where they talk about diseases and what you
    can do.. without brand names. Only then.. it would educate in a good way.

  11. Sulman00 says:

    I wanna frikkin marry you!!! Ms. Fong, please respond to us commoners! I
    could get an education everyday by just listening to you talk about random
    things. What a life.

  12. bkbj8282 says:

    Vox is cancer.

  13. Xpresnvdy says:

    It is stated that many americans are not intelligent.

  14. Masculinist says:

    Why are people hating this channel? They don’t clickbait, they’re good at
    editing and commentating and information is sourced and interesting.

  15. Diego Raigoza says:

    Television commercial: “Do you feel different from when you were younger?
    Less energy? A weaker sex drive? Take Alegra today!”

    American: “Yeah I’m definitely less of a person than I was in my 20s”

    2 days later

    American: “Iv really felt OUT of it Doctor! Ever since my 20s I have just
    had less energy and it’s been harder to do everyday activities. I can’t
    even stay in shape anymore. Also my sex drive has diminished! Prescribe me

    Doctor: “You seem to have all the right symptoms. More drugs for you!”

    Pharmaceutical Company: Chu Ching!

  16. Leah Karloff says:

    As a Brit, this is a very alien thing to see.

  17. Labyrinth9000 says:

    I HATE these commercials, all because baby boomers are getting sick and
    they still don’t mind these commercials…

  18. Omar Morrison says:

    We can thank Bill Clinton for the deregulation that made it legal.

  19. Morris Gevirtz says:

    You Vox Mofos do very good journalism.

  20. Abdukahor Muzaffarzoda says:

    Why do I find her so attractive