How an Irish gets a round of drinks round the pool table!

How an Irish gets a round of drinks round the pool table!

Awesome little card trick. Some of you maybe experts at this but for the people like me that don’t play cards this is pretty cool!

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18 Responses

  1. Philippe Damen says:

    As far as I can tell the deck is only cut, so the cyclical order stays the
    same, I’m pretty sure he looks at the bottom card of the cut, which means
    he knows the top card of the deck and he has the order memorized. So it
    doesn’t matter what card it starts with. At least that’s what I think.
    Still a brilliant trick though!

  2. TheDragert says:

    I’ve been looking for this trick for 10 years. Thanks!

  3. KeezIfUPl33z says:

    Gonna see this all over fucking facebook.

  4. Ryan O says:

    Um im pretty sure I saw an Aussie do something Very similar on Ellen a year
    or 2 ago.

  5. The Lords Lounge says:

    Irish card story trick

  6. Evan Sheremeta says:

    Canadians are weird, thats why we think Willie Nelson does this trick

  7. Karol Tarasiuk says:

    Haha nice one…

    Credits: +Michael Sharman 

  8. Ethan Kovnick says:

    Vertical video.

  9. Isaac A says:

    This is great. Never seen this kind of trick before with the story.

  10. Nataly RAW says:

    whale oil beef hooked

  11. Tonee Rhian Rose says:

    Cool trick! I saw Willie Nelson do it too! :)

  12. Anna Banana says:

    WHHHAAAAAAAAaaaaaaat?!?!!! *mind blown*

  13. Burak OE says:

    Uhm we dont smoke 

  14. me nefcanto says:

    Anyone knows how this trick is done?