How An Oprah Presidency Would Look

How An Oprah Presidency Would Look

While Oprah’s Golden Globes speech has many curious about her political ambitions, one man was way ahead of us.

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98 Responses

  1. the_dead_poet says:

    Yes, this is what this country needs… Another celebrity President.

    • samehada87 says:

      You are aware that Reagan was formerly a two-term governor of California before elected president?
      Despite his celebrity status, at least he had experience as an elected official prior to running for the White House compared to Trump who has zero experience

    • Shawn says:

      the_dead_poet you mean a likable person with full sentences and intelligence and a brain ???


    • Guthrie Sturmey says:


    • kate baxter says:

      If the GOP had their way they would elect Honey Boo Boo if they thought she would win.

    • Guthrie Sturmey says:

      kate baxter Honey Boo Boo is too young. C’mon!! Get serious!! Momma June however, she holds her family together, she’s from the heart land of America and she kept the weight off.


  2. boonlincoln says:

    Monologue Order:
    1. How An Oprah Presidency Would Look
    2. Donald Trump Is Like, Really Not Smart

  3. the_dead_poet says:

    Oprah, Rock, Kanye.. who’s next? Tommy Wiseau.?!?!

  4. Gamma Light says:

    Celebritys & actors running the country… Well.. I knew this day would come… Time to build your fallout shelters now before it’s too late… God help us.

  5. L D says:

    Thank you Stephen for talking and speaking to the truth!
    I was thinking the same. The presidency should not be another awards show or trophy 🏆!

    • PJ Brown says:

      Kenan Vajzović , Trump has experience now. He’s been in the WH over a year, been more productive that the libtards obama.

    • Guthrie Sturmey says:

      PJ Brown ya, only conservatives are ready to vote for people with ties to sexual harassment and assult, hence Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

    • Guthrie Sturmey says:

      imanasaurus rex it’s not okay to just vote in your favorite celebrity as President!!!!!!! Have you people learned nothing?!!! How is Oprah gonna deal with terrorism attacks, gun control or the economy? Please explain to me what makes you think this isn’t a completely terrible idea.

    • PJ Brown says:

      Guthrie Sturmey Really??
      Right now the ignorant Left is talking about Oprah Winfrey running for POTUS, but the joke is on them. See, as usual libtards opened their big mouths but didn’t do their homework. If they had, they would have learned OW is good friends with HARVEY WEINSTIEN, the crowned prince of the current sexual harassment movement.
      Looked here, Bozo:

      Do you feel totally *stupid* now, because you should.


    • Spencer Arrowood says:

      Celebrities are no more qualified to be President than the average person. Anybody can be an actor, but it takes a special person to be President. That’s why Trump was elected.

  6. Turbid TG1 says:

    I have nothing against Oprah personally, but we need young, experienced Democrats to be President NOT talk show hosts or actors, if Trump wasn’t an example enough!

    • Flame Beats says:

      Napoleon I Bonaparte Reagan was a governor first

    • Justin M says:

      Mathias B.
      While you may be right, an immigrant can’t run for POTUS.

    • Just Me says:

      Napoleon I Bonaparte – And his trickle down Reaganomics sent the economy spiriling.

    • Will Crelia says:

      Turbid TG1 I really don’t think the Democrats are going to give you that. Like it’s pretty much just Hilary, Bernie and I guess Oprah now

    • Will Crelia says:

      BartJ583 the rest of the world really. I would think the countries in civil war right now due to us propping up dictators would be more focused on themselves. And the other countries who are all having immigration problems that they can’t possibly deal with. All this was caused by our 3 previous presidents. They made the world more unstable than what I could possibly fathom. Gulf War, invasion, and then us pulling out too early

  7. Jason Blade says:

    Thanks for being the voice of reason once again Stephen.

    • SpectatorAlius says:

      And what makes _you_ so sure of all your sweeping generalizations and bald assertions, elijah? No one with a clue witll believe any of them. You do NOT have superior insight into how Trump was elected and how he got in, it was _not_ “because he was a businessman”.

      You are also in deep error about Reagan: he did NOT “do just fine”. Just like so many Republican Presidents, he did lasting harm to the country by forcing through policies that reward the rich for being thieves and put heavy burdens on the working and middle classes.

      One small example of how he did this is union busting: when the aircraft controller’s union went on strike to put an end to the practice of overworking controllers (which really was proved to cause accidents), Reagan illegally fired them all. We have had inferior air traffic control ever since.

      I call that a small example, but there are bigger ones. But if you reject this example preferring to live in your ignorance, how will you ever understand the bigger examples, such as the “voodoo economics” he introduced into the White House?

    • SpectatorAlius says:

      Optimus, I love your line that the movie “was a warning, not a suggestion”! But unfortunately, a lot of people out there just don’t get it. Worse yet, they are the ones who show up to the polls to vote away our democracy! They are also the ones who simply refuse to understand how much damage Trump has already done.

    • Jason Blade says:

      Optimus Fine preach!

    • Jason Blade says:

      Lumify | Gil I can’t believe you had to this pal….. I can’t believe that there is one person who still believed the Colbert report was for real… 😂😂

  8. Carlos Manriquez says:

    No more celebrity presidents. We need people with experience in government running this country.

    • Camren Mugabe says:

      YES!!!!! We need people with EXPERIENCE in running a GOVERNMENT those two words that are in all caps are what America needs right now and in 2020.

    • iLLSHa Cephied says:

      POPULISM WON. Oprah is 1000 times better than that orange clown.

    • Just Me says:

      Bigolddragon – Exactly! Stop sitting out the ‘small’ elections! They become big problems later.

    • elijah mikle says:

      Carlos Manriquez No, hate to break it to you, but anyone with half a brain could see that trump was a disaster waiting to fucking happen. The nation stupidly voted him in anyways. I’m sorry but you cannot just simply look at how they are alike. Oh they’re both celebrities. Ok that’s one. They both have lots of money. Ok that’s two, anything else. Nope. They are nothing a like. trump isn’t even worthy to wipe Oprahs ass. And I can think of no better Revenge than sending a black woman to the presidency.

    • aeasus says:

      Because Ryan, McConnell, and Pelosi get so much done.. /rollseyes Maybe you are talking about 1/2 term Governor/VP candidate/failed reality TV star Sarah Palin. Or was it Mitt Romney that openly said he doesn’t care about 47% of the people in the country? There are sooo many more that prove your point is null.

  9. Streetanger says:

    Yay, another politically inexperienced hypocrite celebrity president!

  10. Mr. Person Humanson says:

    The Democrats’ vote can’t be divided again, if two or three left leaning candidate run for president against a single right wing candidate, it won’t be a surprise if the Republicans wins again. I’d say choose only one and unite behind it

    • Tristan Sheckels says:

      Mr. Person Humanson not as much that we should definitely listen to all the candidates and give the good ones a fair shot but come the general election we don’t need any of that third party voting it just doesn’t work out ever. I have nothing against third party candidates but America is just a bipartisan government now and 3rd party is just playing spoiler for the candidates most like them

    • aeasus says:

      I refuse to accept an anointed candidate. No one is owed that!

    • Will Crelia says:

      Doug Hicton he probably wouldn’t have

  11. Aminneter Niks says:

    Nope. Sanders 2020

  12. 223Drone says:

    Dear US

    Stop electing celebrities to be president its a bad idea. Oprah and Trump are not qualified to be president.

    The rest of the world.

  13. Aguila701 says:

    Please, no more celebrities. Stop glorifying a job that basically amounts to being a secretary. Let’s promote competent administrators that know how the system works and do it for the people. Enough with treating politics like a pageant show.

    • Will Crelia says:

      Aguila701 our past three presidents had political experience and were all shit so you know the whole experience thing hasn’t exactly worked out for us

  14. Akshay Anand says:

    It really irks me when rich people talk like they need to start a revolution or something. STFU, you know nothing about hardship.

    • Vee K. says:

      And Oprah is very empathetic and compassionate. She is a great list we. She gives. She is literally a bodhisattva.

    • Vee K. says:

      Oprah is a great listener. I can’t imagine her screwing over anybody but those that deserve it. I am a Nernie Sanders supporter but hey Oprah- okay. I’ll vote for her

    • Vee K. says:

      Akshay, your follow up
      Comments are about rich white men. Oprah is a unmarried black woman. Do you understand how we would heal?

    • Vee K. says:

      Nobody would assume you are a Trump supporter Akshay. We all would assume you are disgruntled and suffering. Who isn’t? Let’s move forward positively. I am a libertarian and contrary my fiscal views, I support Bernie Sanders. Why? Because he is a good hearted man. That is what matters. We need good hearted leadership.

    • Andrew Todaro says:


  15. Zarkow says:

    An Oprah presidency would be an epic disaster of failed policies, of poorly researched conclusions leading to authoritarian and backwards legislation and actions. So I guess it would be slightly better than Trump at least…

  16. MythicTyrant says:

    Colbert is 100 percent correct. While Oprah would be 1000x better than Trump, my hope is that this “Celebrity President” thing doesn’t become a trend and the highest office in the nation doesn’t devolve into a reality TV star position. Hopefully what we’re going through right now will be nothing more than a blip in American history, and we can get back to “business as usual” in 2020.

    • BartJ583 says:

      Pat Doyle
      A) The Trump Tea Party GOP have lost only very little support these past 14 months, and B) everyone is talking about how Trump “tricked” his voters. Hardly anyone is willing to admit that Trump is exactly what his voters wanted. The next Trump will be just like him – but clever. Face it – the US has only two options: one, bring the numbers of liberal voters up significantly, or two, reduce the number of xenophobic voters significantly. But right now, it looks as if neither will happen. Oh sure, in 2018 and 2020, you will see a tiny spike in turnout numbers. Maybe get to 45% in November 2018 and even 60% in November 2020. But after that, the numbers will go back down if no one really addresses this problem. And then, 2028 – boom – the next GOP president.

    • Andrew Todaro says:

      Indeed! I don’t want more billionaires and celebrities running for president, thus realizing Mike Judge’s dystopian comedy Idiocracy. Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk must be weeping right now at this speculation. If Oprah runs, the opposition will call her “Black Hillary!” and she’ll loose. The American people need a candidate who will fight to represent them and the issues they care about, with serious resolve and not, as you said, devolve the highest office in the America to some throne of reality show spectacle. Sure she’s better than Trump, but anyone’s better than Trump, that’s still not a valid reason to elect another out of touch celebrity. We might as well shred the constitution and be ruled by a monarchy again. Bernie in 2020. Make America a Republic Again!

    • giselle joseph says:

      MythicTyrant yip

    • Viking Ninja-Kitty says:

      Nope, stop electing celebs with zero qualifications. It’s a joke

    • Lt. Swandive says:

      Pat Doyle Why are you referencing Obama’s campaign promises in 2008 to demonstrate what he would be like as “king”?? He held 2 terms as president. And he didn’t fulfill a lot of his campaign promises. What he said he would do in 2008 is irrelevant

  17. New Message says:

    If we can put a black woman in the White House, I think we can finally prove to the Trumpers that God was, indeed, angry about him getting elected.
    Record breaking storms, floods, wildfires, and eclipses literally passing over Washington don’t seem to be ringing any bells… but a black woman in the Oval Office? They have to have that nightmare once a week.

    • Ropsana Khanom says:

      New Message am I the only one that’s realised he’s joking? Because people here at taking this a bit too seriously

    • joeforit says:

      arizakaa oprah more qualified than trump? Politics aside, how is a celebrity with a TV show more qualified than a business man?

    • Pat Doyle says:

      +New Message
      If we could find one qualified for office, I would vote for a black, trans, lesbian atheist with Muslim parents. Preferably with a name like “Shambala Hussein”. It would be like that old movie “Scanners”, as all the heads started exploding.

    • Rooster Blues says:

      Because there were no floods or hurricanes when other Presidents were in office. Shut the fuck up you stupid Libtard

  18. MforZorro | Movesets says:

    From the title I can already guess everyone gets a car.

  19. MythicTyrant says:

    The qualifications to become the President of the United States DESPERATELY needs to be updated. Currently, you only need to be 35 years of age or older as well as a natural born citizen. We’re talking about the highest office in the land here! If I had any say in it, the qualifications would be as follows:

    1) At least 8 years of honorable military service.
    2) Must have served at least two terms as either governor or senator.
    3) Candidacy must be approved by a congressional committee to determine stability, wellness, and fitness for office.

    In short, simply riding down a golden escalator and saying “I am officially running for President of the United States” should NOT be an automatic road to the White House.

    • BrokeredHeart says:

      I don’t think military service automatically suggests an ability to govern, just how to install and propagate the chain of command. The military does offer many different avenues outside of warfare, in science and engineering, foreign diplomacy, tactical and historical research, as well as enforcement. But that isn’t the only way to achieve those skills, and in fact, the military needs external, civilian-minded institutions to balance out their directives, otherwise you’ll have a system that is primarily and ever presently geared for war.
      Presently, anyone can become president, so long as they have proof of birth, and are over 35. I would add that they should have completed some form of formal education or training from a higher institute of learning, and have held some form of office that governs or directs people, be it mayor, town council chair, judge, district attorney, chief of police, hospital administrator, university dean, public school admin, or foreign affairs officers to suggest a few. These are positions that come with authority and leadership, creating new policies and overseeing directives, while adhering to enacted laws and standards. I’d be wary of private interest or corporate leaders, because the roles and duties they hold aren’t accountable to the public as these other officials I mentioned would be. That’s why figures such as Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg and others with private interest should be avoided as viable candidates. More than celebrity status, their lack of experience in public governance makes it difficult for them to grasp the nuances of leading many factions and parties in the same direction. The difficulty in making something like this happen is trying to convince someone whose entire professional career was dedicated to one stream, should then switch gears to get in to politics. But I think that diversified aspect of learning and leadership could really benefit the Oval Office, as you have proven, work-driven, merited candidates with a basic understanding of positive leadership, negotiating skills, and applicable knowledge. Consider it a sort of amalgamation of technocracy, meritocracy, and liberal republic.

    • SpectatorAlius says:

      If the candidates platform is “heavily anti-military”, then he should not run. We need Presidents who understand what the military really is, what it can and cannot do. Those people are hard enough to find anywhere, but they are less hard to find among veterans.

    • SpectatorAlius says:

      Ronald McDonald Trump President Obama had both those qualifications, and look at how little credit he got for that!

    • Omid Saranj says:

      I think less military experience is desperately needed in our pathetic government.

    • Omid Saranj says:

      There also needs to be a televised reading of the Constitution lol

  20. maremacd says:

    I love you, Oprah, but please don’t run.

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