How Ant-Man Should Have Ended

How Ant-Man Should Have Ended

How Ant-Man Should Have Ended.

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Guest Voice: Jon Bailey

Artist: Otis Frampton

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20 Responses

  1. Phaota says:

    That was one of the best shorts you’ve done so far, especially that ending
    with Batman shrinking.

  2. Evershear says:

    I could totally believe that Batman had already developed a bat shrinking
    device for his utility belt.

  3. fightmeirl says:

    Not gonna lie. This was disappointing. I know animation is a long hard
    grind and I definitely appreciate that. But Ant-Man was barely in it. None
    of the memorable parts of the movie were in it either. No Falcon, no
    ANT-MAN SHRINKING, No Yellowjacket fight, no Spider-man reference, No
    Thomas the tank engine, No ANTS?!

  4. The OPCrafter says:


  5. Bryce Cai says:

    The miniaturization of a tank would mean it’s not changed in the basic
    structure regarding the tank (turret, engine, gun), which would mean that
    the keychain is a fully functional tank? Like, the keychain tank even
    before being enlarged could fire its gun and move on its own and all?
    Something doesn’t seem right…
    But it’s probably because he’s batman

  6. uubnex4 says:

    Because…I’m Ant-Man!

  7. wolf puppy paws penashi says:

    best one ever OMG^_^

  8. TheIsolatedPhoenix says:


  9. Green white ninja says:

    I can shrink to know how because I’m batman ! ?

  10. Mark Myers says:

    best one of these in awhile.

  11. Robert Laurence says:

    Because I’m Batman! You guys are genius!

  12. El sexy super sayayin says:

    I bet Batman stole The Atom’s shrinking belt.

  13. Rebecca McNealey says:

    Tiny Batman shouting!!! xD

  14. TheMighty Thor says:

    BEST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!

  15. 101chickendance says:

    The plot twist O_O

  16. Sevone5 says:

    you are a toy…… oh you are not…. “fake dead”….

  17. Nicolás Cortés says:


  18. EinsteinEMP826 says:

    Holy shit, Batman nearly going into a fit when Scott stole his “bit” made
    my day. One of the best yet, guys.

  19. Orden Pike says:

    Good thing you don’t need to be Batman to sub…

  20. Starteller says:

    Also wouldn’t the engineers on the project still be able to recreate