How Are You Judged by Your Looks? | Lineup | Cut

How Are You Judged by Your Looks? | Lineup | Cut

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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How Are You Judged by Your Looks? | Lineup | Cut

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52 Responses

  1. Dima Nassar says:

    Carter is amazing she’s gorgeous idk how they didn’t see it. And her little laugh OMG HONEY ❤️❤️

  2. Beni Christine says:

    he looks like a normal white boy to me ??‍♀️ he just has height and “style” I guess

    • Adrian Ruvalcaba says:

      +BookMilla Well to start, he’s the only white guy in the video. So pointing out that he’s white makes it easier to identify him. Yeah there’s a lot more to people than just their skin tone. But without knowing them you can really only describe and identify people by their physical appearance.

    • DJ mc'CK says:

      Don’t like his style. But that’s my opinion ?

    • America Made in china says:

      +BookMilla making a big deal over nothing?‍♂️

    • buram says:

      +BookMilla pls you’re making no sense just stop lmaooo

    • Witchsick says:

      People are aggressive as hell in this thread, lmao

  3. BINCH 3000 says:

    carter is incredibly beautiful, her laugh and smile is adorable and she’s so vibrant ?✨

  4. Y B says:

    People who had/have acne (like me) could add a looot to this video… ?

  5. IndianaJosephine says:

    Heck, Brajoro fine af. Y’all tripping! It’s all preferences I gues but there’s a way to treat and conversate someone like a human whether it’s for show purposes or not. Anyone notice how mediocre people tend to think they the ish and put others down ?? But that’s none of my business ☕️

    • Dani Cm says:

      IndianaJosephine omg yes

    • Minimus Mouse says:

      The blue blazer girl wasn’t even that attractive lmfao

    • Cheeze berries says:

      You’re putting them down right now lol they seemed surprised to be judging people on an attractive scale and that’s usually how the guessers act when they’re told what they’re supposed to guess. If you were in their position would you rather lie and spare some feelings for those that actually came to hear your honest opinion?

  6. Goofy Me says:

    None of them deserved less than a 6 like seriously because they all look good especially in their own way

  7. Layla Amador says:

    I thought white boy wasnt anything special but then again my I grew up around those kind of guys so its nothing special

    • Abcdefg says:

      He’s way too tall imo

    • Emiii Le says:

      I honestly didn’t see it at all. I was like wtf haha

    • Yelizaveta Ursuliak says:

      Same. You know there are people who are also white but that have a little something special, like idk Balkan genes, or some Greek in them, or some Slavic, or some Asian, you know? They’re still white but they have a more interesting look. Idk I’m still sure many girls and boys would find the guy in the vid attractive. But I’m with you guys, not me. He’s not unattractive but he doesn’t stand out.

    • Carmen VK says:

      Those kind of guys

  8. Xx says:

    Wow his face is apparently long? I feel abit insecure ??

  9. Annie The Crazy Cat Lady says:

    Tf? The Big hair guy was so gorgeous

  10. Rays of Sunshine says:

    I genuinely thing the guy with the long Afro hair is attractive, I don’t get why he was rated so low

  11. Summer K says:

    The guy with the Afro is BEAUTIFUL

  12. Hello. says:

    Idk about you but carter‘s face is really pretty

  13. Estrella Ln says:

    Carter you go girl! I actually like what you say!! Love your actitude

  14. fatima 239 says:

    I’m sorry but that girl in the blue blazer was handing out 5s like she’d score 10 for everyone…

  15. ilikemonkeys says:

    the guy was the least critical of them all….he saw them as a whole/overall, the other ones were too picky for what this was.

  16. Ugandan Sebastian Knuckles says:

    Everyone should start at a 0 and then get points for positive things about them.

    Instead of staring at 10 and removing points for negative features.

  17. masheeha farah tabasum says:

    I feel bad, coz honest speaking, everyone was f-ing good looking. I’d not give them below 7 ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  18. Jack R says:

    Dude Carter is so cute, I love her personality and she’s GORGEOUS. Awesome smile

  19. Luzifa luz says:

    Why is Jenny sooo underrated??? She is so HOT!!!!! Like damn!!

  20. thottimus prime says:


    minecraft villager: 1:09

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