How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started

How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started

How Back To The Future Should Have Ended – OR – How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started!

In the film, Back to the Future, the first time Doc tests the time machine is by sending his dog Einstein 1 minute into the future. Doc puts his dog in the car, drives it down the parking lot, and zap the car bursts into awesome flaming tire trails. Marty immediately thinks Doc killed his dog, because both the car and dog disappear. For a whole minute Einstein was missing until the DeLorean finally comes back from the past. This is why “Back to the Future 2” sending Marty into the future to see his own future children is impossible. When you travel into the future your timeline is you going into the future. A copy of you is not left behind to live on to 2015, so you can’t go forward to see what your future self would be like. You would jump ahead to a world that lost you in 1985. People would think you had died. But that’s not as fun of a story to tell is it. And if you think the movie works because Marty and Jen come right back to 1985, meaning they saw themselves because they closed the loop and lived on to 2015. You are forgetting at the very end of BTTF 3 Marty changes the future by not partaking in the famous drag race. He changes his future which means he never had the accident which means he never lives on to become the dad we see in 2015 making BTTF 2 a giant paradox. A fun movie, a life long favorite, but still a paradox.

Place your time travel discussions below. 🙂
Thanks for watching!

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20 Responses


    Happy Back to the Future Day!!!

  2. Lisa Anders says:

    How naruto shippuden should have ended

  3. YARR HARR says:

    0:13 is it just me or is Doc saying “Morty” not “Marty”?

  4. Abiy BattleSpell says:

    but if u promise to go bak couldnt u still see future u?

  5. Micheal Jackson says:

    I’m back from the past for this day?

  6. Ramdeen Productions says:

    Try How Transformers 4 Should have ended

  7. MrBaronmoll says:

    How Back To The Future Should Have Started: “You can’t time travel!” The

  8. SHIPOTLE says:

    Let me explain:
    When doc brings marty into the future it wouldnt technically mean hes gone
    from HIS timeline. Eventually marty would return and occupy his timeline
    once again. Then producing future marty for the past marty to go to.

    So unless marty planned to stay in the future permanently, there will
    always be a future marty.

  9. Peridot the Great Modeler says:

    Um Hishe Marty could have came back from the future and then had kids and
    it make sense (FAIL)

  10. Corey Saunders says:

    This was rushed for the 30th anniversary today in Australia

  11. 5Oblivion says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give a shit about the date?

  12. hitmanmaloe says:

    I know you guys usually do big movies but you should do a how it should
    have ended for Dont be afraid of the dark and have the father fill the
    basement with cement and poring gas down the hole were the tooth fairy’s

  13. Jlipper says:

    Great Scott!!!

  14. Tyler Wilson says:

    This is heavy.

  15. jay folk says:

    well no, if they come back a moment after they leave to the future then
    they can still be in the same timeline.

    also if doc really wanted to help the kids he shoulda stopped marty from
    that car crash and becoming a chicken.

  16. Susana Fuentes says:

    Do a How Star Wars The Force Awakens should have started….plz

  17. Abba149 says:

    i cant hear what he said but i thumbs up

  18. LegendWeaver25 says:

    Man, our 2015 sucks.

  19. SonicStantz says:

    The perfect day to watch this will always be today.

  20. sorebumblebee2 says:

    2015 the tear of the swag fags,weed heads, girls have sex at age 10, girls
    becomeimg gold digers, a natzi trying to become president od the u.s.a ,
    grown ass men still sag their pants,shorts,and now under ware, rappers
    music is all about weed,dicks,pussy,ass, and reapeat the word (niger) every
    fucking 5 seconds!!!