How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended (1991)

How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended (1991)

How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended.
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Special thanks to our Guest Voices:
Belle – Emily Liu
Beast – Nicholas Andrew Louie

Background Artwork by Otis Frampton

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20 Responses

  1. CalmSilverSky says:

    What if i told u:

    U dont have to watch the live action Beauty and The Beast to know how it ends..

  2. Kelly Hill says:

    Ha! That death “bleeeeeh” killed me.

  3. MessengerOfHell says:

    My childhood just got enhanced. I still think a tragic ending would have been better over the classic happily ever after thing.

  4. Roei Potash AKA Poihpio says:

    this is how the movie really should have ended:
    Gaston: “there aren’t any pictures in that book!”
    Belle: “yes there are! l showed them to a bunch of sheep like 2 minutes ago!”
    Gaston: “(takes second look) oh there they are! how did l miss those?”
    (fast forward)
    Belle: Phillip, take me to where father is!”
    Phillip: (takes Belle to the woods where he and Maurice were attacked by the wolves)
    Belle: “father isn’t here!”
    Phillip: (does horse voices) (subtitles: “this is where we were separated, l can’t know where the wolves chased him off too! l already ran away when that happened!”)
    (fast forward)
    Gaston: “every last inch of me’s covered with hair!”
    Tavern attendant: no it’s not! your face is shaven, your legs and arms are smooth, it’s really just your chest and… maybe some other areas we can’t see”
    (fast forward)
    Gaston: “l use antlers in all of my decorating!”
    Tavern Owner: “don’t you mean MY decorating? this place doesn’t belong to you, why would a hunter also own a tavern? it’s bad enough you and your fans have sing-alongs in my place every night, now you’re taking credit for MY decorating?”
    (fast forward)
    Dishes: (get done with “Be Our Guest” number and leave the table)
    Belle: “wait a minute! l asked to eat? you sing a song and just go away??! my hunger won’t disappear because l saw a musical number! get back here and give me my dinner!”
    (but here’s how it really should have ended)
    Enchantress: (rides through the woods, about to arrive at the castle)
    Wolves: (attack the Enchantress)
    Enchantress: “oh boy! wolves! l thought they’d only attack when it’s convenient for the plot! l’m outta here!”
    (the Enchantress never meets the Prince and none of the story ever happens)

  5. clericofchaos1 says:

    No, it *should* have ended with Gaston winning! Just look at the gains! With the biceps, the triceps, the abdominals, and the pectorals! Gaston is clearly a champion of the iron! Shave all the fur off the beast and you are left with just another puny little manling! Besides if Gaston had won he could have finally put that bitch in her place like a real man! Women shouldn’t be reading or thinking for themselves! They should be in the kitchen making me dinner or giving birth! While the men get juicy swollen pumped! UPPER BODY DAY!

  6. Heroic Concepts says:

    As a superhero in training, I can confirm that Stockholm syndrome is a helluva drug. You can’t save em’ all.

  7. Screen Ninja says:

    Are we going to get a Lego Batman HISHE done by Brotherhood Workshop? That way more than one HISHE can be worked on at once

  8. Anime Time says:

      \\ Λ_Λ
       \( ‘ㅅ’ )
        > ⌒ヽ
       /   へ\
       /  / \\
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ
      / /
      / /|
     ( (ヽ
     | |、\
     | 丿 \ ⌒)
     | |  ) /
    `ノ )  Lノ

  9. TheonlyaviableID says:

    At 1:58 I was expecting Beast to say something like: “…but I want to see you with my own eyes. Help me take this mask of.” Belle: “But you’ll die” Beast: “Nothing can stop that now”.

  10. Master Skilhollow says:

    Any chance we could get a full-length version of “Prison Guest”? That was awesome!

  11. Mason McGuire says:

    The moral of the story –

    Kids, if you’re home alone, always be nice to strangers at your door at midnight! Words to live by…

  12. Davidoff Plays says:

    Cinema sins and an honest trailer on this came out today too nice one

  13. Prankster Gangster says:

    Cinemasins, Screen Junkies and HISHE did all video about this on the same day

  14. BMV The Movie Fanatic says:

    Isn’t the Beast’s name Adam.

  15. queendsheena1 says:

    This movie is insane when you try to think about it.

  16. Shadowpelt The Boss says:

    Suicide squad is awesome and my favorite movie.?

  17. Animal Gamer says:


  18. Adrian ofAwesome says:

    How did hishe, screen junkies, and cinema sins manage to upload about beauty and the beast on the same day

  19. Elyse Walker says:

    In terms of Disney movies, even though it was re-adapted first, you should do Cinderella next.

    Also if you decide to delve into the world of anime, the following just got theatrical releases this year:
    -Sailor Moon (re-dub of movie 1)
    -Pokemon (re-release of movie 1)
    -Yu-Gi-Oh (reboot film closer to the manga)
    -Ghost in the Shell (live action remake starring Scarlett Johansson)

    Considering that it’s getting a live-action/CGI-hybrid adaptation next, I’m looking forward to the inevitable How The Lion King should have ended.

  20. freakyanimegal8 says:

    Actually Belle doesn’t have Stockholm, the beast has Lima Syndrome. Lima Syndrome is when a captor starts to feel sympathy and care about their captive. Belle, if she had stockholm, would refuse to leave him. When he tells her to go after her father she goes, if she had Stockholm she would have made up some excuse to stay and convince herself she had to. Also note that after Belle saved him, which was out of mercy on her part and not any kind of ‘love’ at the time, she didn’t allow herself to be cowed by his temper, and only began to reciprocate actual affection when the Beast changed and attempted to show kindness first.
    Just irks me that Belle is always painted as some weak-willed victim when she is actually an intelligent, strong individual; especially in a town that thinks someone like Gaston is a hero and that she should submit.

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