How Being In Public Feels: Men VS Women

How Being In Public Feels: Men VS Women

Hi, it’s me, the person who completely misses the point, here to tell you men get murdered too!

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Katie Marovitch
Rekha Shankar
Grant O’Brien
Zac Oyama

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20 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Grubs says:

    Women: I have had horrific experiences since the day I was born because I’m a girl and I will continue to have them until I die. I literally just don’t want to be incapable of trusting someone because they’re a guy
    Men: okay but like…I’m supposed to pay for dates and buy you drinks so like we’ve both got it pretty bad :/

  2. Mark Smith says:

    “men get murdered too” is an understatement, it’s hardly even a contest between us, but this video is dealing more with rape and general violence so whatever. What exactly is the point that i’m missing? The entire joke seems to be “Grant and Zach give horrible advice that will likley get people hurt” Which would be fine, but when you throw a title like “men vs women” into it you can’t complain when men see it and say “That’s absolutely ridiculous I would never give advice like that to ANYONE, let alone my female friends.”

    It would be one thing if you wanted to just make the joke “hey these two characters don’t understand X isn’t that whacky?” But you specifically made them a stand in for men in general, in which case the joke falls flat because this is fucking ridiculous, do you honestly think the majority of us don’t understand that these behaviors are dangerous?

    If you still think im just some MRA fuckboy who “doesn’t get it” I’m honestly requesting that you explain it to me, because i’m absolutely willing to admit i’m a dumbass and learn.

  3. Hear Me Shout says:

    How is Grant not fat? He is ALWAYS eating.

  4. finalrebal says:

    What if this entire video was made just to stir the pot so collage humor could cash in on controversy, and as a corporation profits are number one

  5. TheVoidLord says:

    One side: Wah! This is anti-woman!

    other side: Wah this is anti-men!

    me: This video is very well written, showing how women can often be far too paranoid, and men can be blissfully oblivious.

  6. SlothInSpace says:

    I like how most of the comments is about how most of the comments are about something

  7. The Random Chicken says:

    A lot of people don’t understand this and falsely assume this is feminist propaganda, but it’s really not. It’s ironic, because men are actually MORE likely to be the victims of violent crime walking alone at night, but the men in this sketch are all happy and cheery, with candy and cake. But the women, who are statistically safer than men, are super paranoid. No agenda is trying to be pushed.

  8. Zebra Man says:

    I don’t see any feminazis, yet i do see alot of comments complaining about them

  9. CreativeWonder says:

    This video was so on point!!! Everything is sooo accurate but at the same time the guys being clueless is hilarious

  10. Miquel Vico says:

    Dont you know!? 5 out of every 3 women get raped every second!! feminists told me! oh and men are always safe in public! pay no attention to actual violent crime statistics, those are a sexist MRA plot! XD

  11. NinjaJanie says:

    JFC, you know you guys who run around making fun of snowflakes for being triggered are really something else; if anyone makes a video that even tongue-in-cheek threatens your world view, you’re all sprinting into the comment section and winning every gold medal in the Triggered Olympics.

    Maybe you guys should try taking a nap or an elephant tranquilizer or having a snickers or something.

  12. RedZeshinX says:

    Lot of oversensitive and insecure guys in this comment section.

  13. TimHeterJag says:


  14. Had Hyper says:

    CollegeHumor you forgot the other 6,879 genders.

  15. Callie Myers says:

    I don’t get it….Why were female orgasms included in the list of plagues on women??!! They are like the BEST thing about being a woman! From what I understand, they are way more fulfilling than male orgasms. It’s more of an “experience” for us than it is for men. So why was it considered a bad thing? and it was said last with the most emphasis as if it’s one of the worst! I don’t get it…someone explain please!

  16. Saitou Hajime says:

    Sexist and unrealistic. Highly offensive video.

  17. Waterdog100 says:

    “Hi, it’s me, the person who completely misses the point, here to tell you men get murdered too!” -Video’s description
    Best comment I’ve seen yet.

  18. Shiek200 says:

    I suddenly understand what everyone means when they said they brought popcorn for the comments section. I’m gonna lay down a little knowledge for you people. People are stupid. People are sexist. People are ignorant. Not men, not women. People. Women have periods in class. Men get erections in class. Both are embarrassing. Men make fun of women, women make fun of men. I’ve heard the comments “all men are assholes,” and “women are overly sensitive” tossed around in about equal measure. I hear way more dick jokes than pms jokes, and funnily enough I hear the dick jokes mostly from men and the PMS jokes mostly from women. I’m not going to tell anyone that women don’t suffer discrimination to a larger to degree than men. They do, that’s a fact. However I AM going to lay down some statistics that show it’s not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

    While women are reportedly more likely to be taken advantage of sexually, the key word there is reportedly. While roughly 30-35% of women report sexual assault only about 5-10% of men do. With such a large gap in reports and such low statistics accurate representations are hard to project. Additionally, about 20% of women are sexually assaulted according to these statistics, and of those 80-90% are committed by someone they know, which means that about 2% of women are going to be sexually assaulted by a stranger, so going to bars alone isn’t quite as scary as the media makes it seem. I’m not saying these issues don’t exist or that precautions shouldn’t be taken, they absolutely should, but it’s not like going to a bar alone is a death sentence. Be safe, do what you can to not be that 2%, but also don’t be too paranoid to live your life, it’s not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

    While I’m at it, yes, women do get paid less, but if you actually look at the statistics, that’s due largely to circumstance, not discrimination. ie, women requiring more time off due to pregnancy, raising children, and in general women are more likely to quit, turn down promotions and so on due to familial issues. Additionally, about 67% of the male population has a job while only 47% of the female population does. Men make up a majority of the work force, and this in turn leads to men making up a majority of the higher paying jobs. These numbers all contribute to the pay gap, so while yes, the gender pay gap does exist, and while some if it IS due to discrimination, it’s significantly less severe than people think.

    My point is, everyone has it hard, and it’s really easy to look up a few easy-to-find statistics like “women make only 2/3’s of what men make,” and then make it out to be this huge feminist/equality issue, but there are SO many more variables at play here that you can’t possible narrow it down to simply a feminist or simply an equality issue. It falls into so many more categories. If you really want to make a difference, learn about the issues, learn as many of the variables as you can, get yourself educated and go out and attack the roots of the problem on as many fronts as you can. Do it in as societally productive and supportive a manner for all genders as possible. But for GOD’S sake STOP trying to make youtube one of those fronts because none of you, women, men or transgender pyrofox salt-induced-encyclopedia’s of Wikipedia statistics is going to accomplish a damn thing to fix ANY of these issues on a goddamn comedy page on youtube! FFS…

  19. Sprite #7673 says:

    Hi random viewer! Welcome to my comment, where i will not argue or make any rants about this video. Hope its a nice break from the arguments everywhere πŸ˜€

  20. David DaVenus says:

    I guess according to this, men like dying and peeing in public?

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