How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended


How Civil War Should Have Ended

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20 Responses

  1. Carter Threet says:

    The voice for Bucky and Spider Man sucked. No offense

  2. Tony Stank says:


  3. Monarchsub X says:

    holly crap am i soo glade the movie did not make sense it would have sucked
    soo hard especially with the spider man scene the movie would have been
    over before it even began!!

  4. SteamPunker Sopko says:

    Best episode Yet!!!!

  5. fred able says:

    They should do rematch and iron man should wear his hulk buster

  6. Mokgethwa Mokoena says:

    It’s funny how they still end up at the coffee shop and sing Cap’s old
    theme song

  7. Ak47 says:

    i have seen things

  8. HeyItsABird says:

    Why does all of HISHE’s versions of Spider Man sound like wimps?

  9. Juan Angeles says:

    Nice video as always, but you didn’t attack the most obvoius points as you
    did in BvS, you treat this one too light.

  10. El Ski says:

    To be fair for Tony.
    He IS the reason why the nuke didn’t blow up all of New York, and why the
    alien forces were destroyed.

  11. Aaron Rodgers says:

    Best one yet!

  12. cesarjimenezanimator says:

    This was hilarious. Though I don’t think I agree with many of these
    “endings”. Some made sense, some didn’t. And even some of these endings
    could’ve been changed on their own. For example, Vision could’ve tried to
    destroy the plane, but Wanda/Scarlett Witch could’ve simply made him
    misfire. And even then, even if Spider-Man did try webbing up Team Cap,
    Captain America is still kinda strong enough to remove the webs (I think he
    did it when Spidey aimed at his shield, whih Cap grabbed the web and
    launched Spidey into the air; also, Ant-Man could’ve shrunk down, walked
    through the web, etc. And even Wanda, I think to some extent, can use her
    mind powers to remove everyone from the webs.

    I still love the movie much better. But this video was hilarious just as

  13. Joshua Simpson says:

    Finally thank you omg I’m so excited to see what you guys did

  14. Romil says:

    Did they just use a goat scream?

  15. Lord Queezle says:

    HISHE you keep making these better and better! Thank you! I really enjoy

  16. Femi™ says:

    Who else got the rope swinger music playing at the Spider-Man part??

  17. Nate England says:

    Finally! That’s what I’ve been saying! I’m so tired of people blaming
    heroes for villains’ work. I was totally Team Captain… until the end when
    Tony gave up the Accord and just started fighting for revenge. Then I was
    like, “Can’t blame him.”

  18. Dread Master Zurathon Warhound says:

    Batman would Rape black panther

  19. NinDorkKnight says:

    I suggest everyone brace themselves for the inevitable fanboy wars in the
    comments. Those will be far from civil.

  20. Team M.S.T says: