How Coaches Wanna Act When Their Star player gets Hurt

How Coaches Wanna Act When Their Star player gets Hurt

Coaches in all sports be mad as hell when they star player get hurt ? I just think they wanna say something like this


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53 Responses

  1. Parrish Harris says:

    Did y’all see the coach wave to his people knowing he about to get fired – I’m dead.

  2. Johnny Hoops says:

    “He’s out for the season “

    Coach: who?? What season????

  3. snatchadams69 says:

    “We gotta forfeit”
    “It’s the third quarter coach”

  4. Col Friday says:


  5. Markens Castelly says:

    This man need be out on a bigger platform he remind me a lot of Bernie Mac

  6. Orema Reacts says:

    Was having a bad day .. but thanks man

  7. Zero says:

    0:04 That me when I end up dropping my food and I’m trying to save it ?

    • Zero says:

      @Chad Beezy lmao

    • Gray Kin says:

      Depending on what food, e.g. you drop a sandwich quickly pickup what you can and clean it off, i tear the contaminated part of the bread off before eating. It helps especially when you have something important going on after lunch

    • Zero says:

      @Gray Kin I do 5 sec rules only at home so if it’s past that I still clean it off and rip some parts off or if it’s different food I throw it away but it’s not at home I throw it away still

    • John Smith says:

      @Zero as soon as the bacteria contacts the surface of a dirty surface, 95% of “sticky” bacteria is instantly transferred to the food. There is barely any difference from waiting 1s to 30s.

      Whatever part that touches the floor is gone as soon as it touches the floor my dude. Tear it off no matter.

    • Zero says:

      @John Smith Ok….. But I do 5 sec rules around here so… and I been doing that rule for long time now I think I’m okay… and my health is good so… I think I’ll do fine

      I’m not being rude that’s your opinion but this is my opinion

  8. Og.d ! says:

    When he fixed his collar and waved while smiling was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen?

  9. Prestige Playz says:

    “I know it’s broken but you’re gonna have to walk it off” ?

  10. Devesh Manral says:

    Next video: How star players react when their Coach gets fired

  11. Alexandre Jean-Pierre says:

    0:45 Tyronn Lue after LeBron goes down with a little injury.

  12. Charles Brown says:

    “You can move your ankle! You ain’t even try!” LMFAO!

  13. XxDannyKillerxX says:

    When he kicked his leg at the end I was crying ?

  14. The Best Rapper You Never Heard Of says:

    0:48 When your mama cussing you out but she see her friend from church ?

  15. Alex 29 says:

    My brother did wrestling and one time he got hurt and he fractured his ankle and this was pretty much how the coach reacted ?

    • Erica hightower says:

      Alex 29 yep! “ you’ll be aight “ all I heard when
      My brother would get hurt?. Hope your brother is back to full health tho.

  16. Jada Johnson says:

    teammate: **snaps arm in half**
    my coach: “plenty of ice and ibuprofen”

  17. HBK fusion says:

    Don’t do dis to me god
    God please do not do this ????

  18. Oogga booga says:

    “Coach call my momma”
    Coach: STfU


  19. Sydney Jael says:

    ??this is so similar to when you’re playing with your siblings get hurt and you try and tel them to walk it off so you won’t get in trouble ?

  20. Jojo2daend says:

    “You can’t make it to the NBA acting this weak.” had me crying ????

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