How Crappy Was Your School?

How Crappy Was Your School?

Did your gym have a strange odor?

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Abandoned Soccer Gate
Stenrock / Getty Images

Cafeteria at Middle School
BRPH / Getty Images

Math Blackboard Grunge
Robertiez / Getty Images

High School Gym
Junial / Getty Images

Old, Rusty, Stained Lockers Background
Beer5020 / Getty Images

Grunge Dirty Or Stain Of Fabric
Pojcheewin Yaprasert / Getty Images

Background Of School Supplies
Korovin / Getty Images

White Radiator Orange Wall
Quintanilla / Getty Images

Black Bathroom, Restrooms and Lavatory Stalls
2000man / Getty Images

Seagulls Milling About
Nedjelly / Getty Images

Yellow School Buses
Leekris / Getty Images

Cafeteria Food
Jupiterimages / Getty Images

School Classroom In Japanese High School
Maroke / Getty Images

Empty Tables And Chairs In A Lecture Hall
Purestock / Getty Images

Teacher Helping Student During Computer Class
Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images





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20 Responses

  1. Mahera Ahmed says:

    My school always “blows an air conditioning fuse” but when there’s like
    guests or important people that come to our school the fuse is fine

  2. Dule says:

    I wish my school lunch looked that good

  3. Azelf Gaming says:

    my school has all of those probs

  4. Videos With Hadley says:

    Score – 7

  5. jurate viganauskiene says:


  6. Sarah Riddle says:

    my school has attached seats, stains on the ceilings, weird odors, broken
    doors, and parts of the ceiling are missing. its not as bad as the
    highschool though. the highschool has all these probrems and vines growing
    on the walls

  7. PosterpostE says:

    I got only one.. it was the airconditining. But we have Doors and Windows
    to Open in our classes:)

  8. Hailey Smith says:

    1 out of all of those and it was the tables with seats attached and that
    was in elementary school

  9. Sat Se Sayam Tak says:

    almost all

  10. Arianna G says:

    i went to public school and had like none of these…besides the gross food

  11. Mariah S says:

    I got 6 of these

  12. Aireanna Wachal says:

    well….at least this video had real food trays….we get Styrofoam plates

  13. xoxoFabChick says:

    almost all

  14. Tara Clark says:

    My school didnt even have lockers or lunches you buy…

  15. great alcon says:

    3 for me

  16. WhileUrReadingThisNameImStealingUrCake&Cookies says:


  17. Mineblox Games says:

    I had 5 out of all of them

  18. ejiro osoro says:

    im still in skl and our tablres in tge canteen r tge exact ones in the

    Btw i live in Qatar

  19. Drift Kinq says:

    my school at a lot of them except for 1… i should have stayed in that
    private school…

  20. joselo yasay says:

    I have all of it in my school ?