How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes

How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes

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20 Responses

  1. Flamingo Jay says:

    End of this video was very good….

  2. string1414 says:

    Excellent work as always from one of my favorite directors. Great job!

  3. Andrea Patruno says:

    That was insane! Thanks so much for it. I always felt what you talk about at the beginning but I never truly understood why, now I do. Thanks for all your work man, it’s great! Keep it on

  4. Dominik Hladky says:

    I love your videos!

  5. He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

    That was a grrreeeate short video essay.

  6. Max We says:

    Also this is great because it points out one of the more concrete ways watching movies affects the way you see and interact with the world around you. This effect you describe is very tangible and really makes you think about all the other ways films (and other media) “hijack your mind”

  7. Richie Godsil says:

    Ugh… This just reminds me we’re probably not getting the two following Millennium movies…
    Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo blew my mind in a way the Swedish movies did not, making the grotesque subject matter almost sublime.

  8. Federico Garcia del Corro says:

    Awesome episode man. And it adds a layer to my already huge admiration for Fincher.

  9. Eirik Hauge says:

    the eyes chico they never lie…..

  10. Hugo Espinosa says:

    oh this was good, this was very good

  11. Chris Verse says:

    Damn dude they just move the camera dont make it rocket science.

  12. Rohit Kumar says:

    Can you please do one video for Sympathy for Mr vengeance. Some of the cinematography in that is unbelievable.

  13. CalviNx9229 says:

    I’m less than 2 minutes in and this is amazing!

  14. more like a banana says:

    Okay, now: can someone make a list of the movies in the video?

  15. Gabriel Tungol says:

    nerdwriter is lit. when can we get a deconstruction of The Revenant?

  16. Doyle Fumz says:

    When are we getting the Wes Anderson hijacking your focus with color video

  17. devilsez. hi says:

    so simple yet so complicated. thanks for the awesome video and great content as always <3

  18. Nawaz says:

    Also his audio techniques. When you are watching a bar scene the backup noise is high and you feel like you are in the bar. Unlike the other shots where the main character voicers are super high definition and the background noises are all blurred out.

  19. Marek StolΓ‘rik says:

    My god your videos are the best. The best short movie…almost πŸ™‚

  20. Luis Miguel Álvarez says:

    “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” Is such an underrated movie.

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