How Democrats Are Responding to Trump: A Closer Look

How Democrats Are Responding to Trump: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the slash-and-burn strategy the Trump administration is using to push their agenda through and what the Democrats are doing to stop it.
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How Democrats Are Responding to Trump: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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19 Responses

  1. Collin Pittman says:

    Seth, you should have more respect for President Vagina-Neck.

  2. Misael Cifuentes says:

    trump wants to bang his daughter for valentines

  3. Why you gotta go there says:

    While Trump was saying things like “When you take out these terrorists you
    also have to take out their families” “You go there and you take their oil”
    “I will bring back torture and even worse kinds of torture even if it
    doesn’t provide anything. It is worth doing it just to do it”

    The democrats were making attack ads like “Did you hear trump talked about
    his dick? Think of the Children!! :(”

    Fucken useless pieces of trash… phew glad I got that out.

  4. Mani M says:

    Trump supporters are whinny little bitches.

  5. JustDave says:



  6. Jonathan Taylor says:

    Each new day should be history’s largest protest.

  7. KingOfMadCows says:

    Of course Trump doesn’t wear bathrobes. Do you know how hard it is to wash
    urine out of them?

  8. Carol 868 says:

    Im not American, not sure if I feel terrified or find this situation funny

  9. m624421 says:

    Trump voters: Obama uses too many executive orders! This is like Nazi
    Germany! This political correctness is tearing the country apart!! I better
    march in the streets because he’s NOT MY PRESIDENT also coincidentally I
    think that our first black president is a secret Nigerian Muslim. It’s not
    racist just to ask for proof, and the liberal snowflakes and their safe
    spaces need to shut up about it and stop cramping down on my free speech
    for asking. also using a private email server is criminal.
    Also Trump voters: Trump sure is getting things done with all these
    executive orders! And how dare you compare him to a Nazi, don’t you know
    that means national SOCIALIST?? Therefore, your argument loses because my
    intelligence is entirely limited to pedantic dictionary definitions of
    words (don’t forget seventy years ago the Democrats were the party for the
    KKK!!! This is also a demonstration of my brilliant intellect.) Liberals
    just need to accept that Trump is president now like we did four years ago
    with Obama. I can’t believe people are still protesting!! Also i am scared
    of five year old refugees and think that criticizing a fact’s source is a
    policy position. hashtag maga. Trump is just GETTING THINGS DONE on his
    unsecured android phone that he tweets on during security briefings.
    Anyways, the obstruction in congress is UNACCEPTABLE now. They need to do
    what the Republicans did and step aside and allow judge gorsuch to be
    confirmed! P.S. I have no understanding of the concept of hypocrisy.

  10. Tosin Hephzibah1 says:

    I support accountability

  11. Nico Russell says:

    To conservatives wondering, this an example of the left criticizing the

  12. Wesley Crabajales says:


  13. Purav Patel says:

    You forgot to mention the cringeworthy part in all this…
    They silenced Warren because she quoted Loretta Scott King’s take on Jeff
    Sessions. Take a second to comprehend that..

  14. Ann M says:

    The people who voted for Trump could care less about the future of this

  15. poptart6662012 says:

    Sanders/Warren 2020!

  16. xyxean says:

    years from now, Americans will look back and say “yep, we fucked up so

  17. Tony Stark says:

    Nancy Pelosi and the neo-liberals like the Clintons literally ran DNC into
    the ground, those corporate tools hijacked the progressive party and turned
    it into the Republican Lite.

  18. Hobbit Stomper says:

    Wow, this is a huge coincidence! Trump “knows” that 3 million people voted
    illegally, which is also the same amount of votes that Hillary surpassed
    him with.

  19. Michael Ramon says:

    So, if I have this right… for Democrats to win elections, they have to
    solve the problems of all Americans, balance complex geopolitical
    situations, enact perfectly-functioning but highly complex legislation and
    basically make everyone in the country’s dreams come true, all while
    dealing with the facts of reality, science, budgets and math as well as
    endless lies from hostile propaganda machines… and all Republicans have
    to do to win elections is stand there and wait for the Democrats to be
    unable to make all 300 million US citizens 100% happy. How on earth is that

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