How DIY Drones are Destroying Million-Dollar Tanks

How DIY Drones are Destroying Million-Dollar Tanks

Ukraine’s Underground Drone Makers
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This was a collaboration with the Kyiv independent, the largest English language news outlet in Ukraine. They’ve been covering the war in detail. Check out one of their recent videos on YouTube:
Read their report on drones here:

Drones are dominating the face of the war in Ukraine. From intel gathering and spying to loitering munitions and propaganda, drones are a versatile tool on the battlefield. To keep up with changing battlefield conditions and to keep their soldiers well equipped, everyday Ukrainians are using their engineering skills to create drone labs across the country. This is their story.

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46 Responses

  1. @johnnyharris says:

    The music for this video, created by our in house composer Tom Fox, is available on our music channel, The Music Room! Follow the link to hear this soundtrack and many more:

  2. @ThatDudeinBlue says:

    I remember I stumbled upon a video early in the war of a Ukrainian drone dropping a grenade through the top hatch of a BMP and I thought to myself “well that’s changing things forever.”

    The fact that the war has resorted to WW1 style trench warfare combined with the most modern cheap tactic is so mild blowing. Couldn’t imagine having to constantly be paranoid about drones in the sky.

    Great work as always 🤟🏼

  3. @Taskandpurpose says:

    When I covered this topic last month I was barely able to scratch the surface. Great video. When I deployed to Iraq over 10 years ago the drones we had organic to the platoon sounded like lawn mowers ripping through the sky and were about as heavy. Crazy to think they have hand held ones that each squad can have now. soon they’ll follow you around on patrol like a little personal pet. A tomagotchi battle-buddy if you will. anyway, big fan of your content and story telling style, all the best !

    • @patricklloyd1797 says:

      Since IS first deployed consumer, and home made, ones back in late 2016 warfare changed. Not all wars, the conditions of Ukraine are, obviously by this point, an extremely good example of it though. Two forces, with neither having air superiority, that are primarily fighting from entrenched positions where drones can be a stand in for precision guided munitions which neither side has enough in stock to be using at the rates needed along the frontlines.

      I’ve been in Ukraine twice since the war began, and with about a year gap between the two time periods how much the volunteer networks had spun up production on drones was incredible to see. Hopefully the govt starts to put some money behind them and begin developing larger scale production facilities for them. What the volunteers are achieving is incredible, but scaling production is very much needed still

    • @BSOX7077 says:

      Wow I did not expect the crossover of my two favorite channels in the comments, big fan of your videos and neutral approach, great work.

    • @neoxyte says:

      Youre the real mvp. Love your channel. You and Preston Stewart make great unbiased content.

    • @Mr.Ramirez95 says:

      We love your content too!! Didn’t expect to see you here 🔥

    • @mrvoteps says:

      Find some way to create video featuring a map and ask johnny for help!

  4. @ldIezz says:

    “killer drones” was once a Sci-Fi term crazy times we are living through

    • @leo420 says:

      I mean killer drones are a thing for a quite some time, but that people can build them at home is new

    • @ldIezz says:

      @@leo420 also $4 million dollar big jet/piston driven drones with guided mentions vs suicide drones that are smaller than a pizza box and guides its self for $400

  5. @behnamsaeedi says:

    @15:40 This is something I have discussed before but we already have a fantastical solution for this. A while back there was the controversy on U.S providing Ukraine with M864 and M483A Cluster munitions. That was an incredibly controversial topic at the time dude to the whole panic effect even mentioning cluster munition creates in public’s eye. To understand why this munition is so incredibly important, we need to discuss what is inside of this munition. This shell contains 72 M42 anti-armor submunitions. A cluster bomb can be disassembled and individual bomblets can be dropped from these drones. For Ukraine this means a single $500 drone, now has the capability to take out a Russian tank. Tanks are especially vulnerable to this form of attack since neither the tank itself, not its accompanying infantry can do anything to defend the tank from this form of attack from the above. The bonus effect of this use case is that a controlled drop of a submunition in this way will also significantly reduce the risk of a dud.

    • @gunterthekaiser6190 says:

      Also, the succes rate of said ammunition is greater since they drop it basically on top of the tank, while a more “traditional” artillery shot can still miss due to the distance and movement of a target.

  6. @Ice_elite says:

    Its amazing and scary what humanity manages to create in times of struggle and hope

    • @joetheperformer says:

      That’s yin yan, the nature of humanity to be good and evil at the same time. And it’s built into us from the nature of reality itself.
      Everything is yin yan on Earth. Perhaps more so than any other planet in our solar system.
      Day night, sun moon, male female, fire ice, earth water, depression mania…everything!

    • @wenterinfaer1656 says:

      When enemy bombs your country, you’d write comments on YT?

    • @tatishamenniche278 says:

      Exactly like Palestinians

    • @MickJonesHogSmacks says:

      Slava 🇹🇼

  7. @wizzzer1337 says:

    Problem is, Russia cought on and not only are employing cheap FPV’s as well, they have upped their Electronic Warfare game to a new level.
    Ukraine still has an edge in integration of Drones on a tactical level and experience, but this attriton is giving Russia time to catch up.
    What we really have to see is how this winter will affect Ukraine.

  8. @knpark2025 says:

    It makes me think about the 1920s when biplanes that could have been made in a rich guy’s warehouse with canvas, wood and plumbing could be versatile and lethal enough to cripple some of the biggest capital ships of the era. (Yes this is a shoutout to the Swordfish.) It is *anything is possible* in both exciting and concerning ways.

    • @NJ-wb1cz says:

      Not really the same situation since these types of drones are trivially disabled by ECM and Russia has much better ECM and anti-drone weapons. There’s a reason why Russia has no problem blowing up targets all over Ukraine with drones while Ukraine mostly focuses on shelling random villages that are close enough to the border with very rare significant drone attacks

    • @madmansprinkles says:

      Fairey really just built something that would, beyond its time, devastate ships that cruise faster than it could fly in a headwind (which really doesn’t matter when the ship is in port). Gotta love the Stringbag (:

    • @muffinhydra says:

      @@NJ-wb1cz found the russian bot.

    • @TheSupriest says:

      During WWI pilotes would drop grenades from planes.

    • @TheSupriest says:

      Katyusha is working great…
      When you say that ruzzia has no problem, you mean like in Avdiivka?
      You’re ridiculous.

  9. @markmuller7962 says:

    Nobody knows how nasty and horrifying war is until it comes to their homes and families

    • @MickJonesHogSmacks says:

      Including YOU ❓️

    • @PluvioZA says:

      ​@@MickJonesHogSmacks yup exactly including them, nobody knows how it feels until it comes to your home and family. You only truly know once you’ve experienced it for yourself.

    • @zenmkultra says:

      ​@@PluvioZAYou too

    • @NJ-wb1cz says:

      This war hasn’t been about homes or families or survival of a nation for many months. It’s a purely political territorial standoff where Ukraine tries to recapture the land it lost at the cost of soldiers and equipment.
      The peace agreement that Russia and Ukraine drafted back in March 2022 consisted of Ukraine accepting the losses of the land and remaining neutral, but with the military support Ukraine was promised from the West, Ukraine thinks that it can recapture at least some of that land back. That’s it. The situation on the front line changed very little since then, except for tens of thousands of soldiers dying over the course of almost 2 years

  10. @Martcapt says:

    That last quote is fucking brutal. Dude has a crystal clear clarity on what he needs to do.

    • @personazhe says:

      It’s a quotation of Roman Ratushny – a social activist and a volunteer Ukrainian defender who was killed by russians last summer.
      This words are pretty popular and wide-spreader in Ukraine mainly because this is true.

    • @vladalexeev8529 says:

      Yeah, it’s ethnicity cleansing he is talking about

    • @AlexKaduk says:

      ​@vladalexeev8529 He talks about protecting his home from foreign invaders. Replace ‘Russians’ with ‘Germans’ in context of WWII to understand how Ukrainians seeing this now.

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