How Do MASSIVE Sinkholes Form?

How Do MASSIVE Sinkholes Form?

What are sinkholes, and how do these mysterious things form?
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20 Responses

  1. Demiplaysroblox 123 says:

    I love this channel and im only 10

  2. Saad Hussain says:

    A couple months ago a sinkhole happened up my street. About 40 meters away from my house.

  3. Unicorn Poop says:

    Do how the red sun was made but proper information cause I know it accused by hurricane Ophelia

  4. Zilla1999 The green kajiu says:

    Can you guys talk about Kajiu?

  5. zoom zoom103 says:

    I have seen so many YouTube channels talk about SkillShare recently, they are getting that advertising XD

  6. Irritation Gaming says:

    Do a video about headrushes

  7. RoiRBLX says:

    I learn more from this channel than school

  8. Diamond Asty says:

    Yes i have seen one

  9. Shahzeb Khan says:

    Pls pls pls pls pls do a video y the sky become really yellowish today at 2:30-3:30 pm in London

  10. SlimikCs :P says:

    But if my laptop can run camtasia only? πŸ˜€ :/

  11. JEEVAN KUMAR says:

    There is a hole just connected to the back of my newly built house , while watering that area I found that water is just going deep down .

    If there really is a sinkhole what can I do?

  12. Debe Nosiri says:

    Noggin I have always been wondering what are ants used for in the world

  13. Jacob Hollis says:

    There was a sinkhole near where I live that was caused by a river flooding its banks caused by a torrential rain from the reminents of a hurricane that hit Asia.

  14. Finn The Human says:

    my GF’s vagina is a sink hole.. that slut

  15. Fiorentina P says:

    i have seen a sinkhole before, but it was reasonably small

  16. Cyrus Plays says:

    What happens when a fractured bone is healing?

  17. Jincy Shaiju says:

    Can paper and other waste can decompose in moon and mars

  18. The_Bone _Crusher says:

    What will happen if we built a box around the earth will all the people in it?

  19. sl williams says:

    Today there was a hurricane where I live how do hurricane form?


    I actually see a sinkhole a few days ago its kinda scary

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