How Do You Make Memories?

How Do You Make Memories?

What if you couldn’t remember anything past 30 seconds? Let us introduce you to a man named Henry Molaison who was diagnosed with anterograde amnesia. He couldn’t form new memories.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. bhrugu rajput says:

    He also works in crash course

  2. Kinan Radaideh says:

    was he aware of his condition?

  3. Backless Chaps says:

    ten-second tom anyone?

  4. burt591 says:

    Poor guy

  5. MeisterHaar says:

    so i wonder if he really was able to form conscious decisions?
    and following that was he really able to donate his brain?
    and even though he did teach us a lot was it morally okay to study him?
    i think it probably wasn’t

  6. Sci-Twi says:

    Lol, our memory sucks.

  7. Scott Baker says:

    How do they slice up a brain?

  8. felixthecrazy says:

    Hi! I’m Tom.

  9. Brad AmeerBeg says:

    I didn’t watch this video, so I have no opinion or memory of it, but I DO
    know that he human brain is the only organ in the human body that named

  10. Gonzo Magic says:

    Also next time you guys are doing somethig on memory let me know, as a
    magician, I could show you a few tricks you could add to something like

  11. Nixthyo says:

    Ef~a fairy tale of the two
    One week friends
    : (

  12. Setherir says:

    When you didn’t see “Memento” yet… do it

  13. lopzag says:

    I don’t think this has really got to the root of the question. Yes, you’ve
    identified what parts of the brain are important for memory, but that’s not
    really HOW we store memories. What’s the biochemical/physical mechanism?

    If I were to explain how a computer stores information, saying that they’re
    saved to the hard-drive doesn’t really answer the question, they’re saved
    to the hard-drive by altering the direction of tiny magnetic domains

  14. Jeremy Kidd says:

    My jaw dropped at 1:37. It’s amazing how the general populace knows how
    important certain parts of the brain are, yet in the 1950s, a doctor
    removes 3 important structures from a brain to save someone’s life. Gosh
    what a good time to be born in.

  15. Milena Ma says:

    after the end of the video, i rewatched the beginning x)

  16. ChanDaddyWo says:

    But how are episodic and semantic memories physically stored in there. We
    know repetition or frequent access of the memory makes a stronger “neural
    pathway” to it, or in the case of episodic memories, solidifies not the
    actual events but the narrative of your perception of that memory, and,
    thus, how we are able to have false memories implanted, but I still feel
    explanations are lacking in how it is physically stored in real time and
    for future access. Yes, we can see areas of the brain become more active
    when we access different memories especially when using other senses such
    as olfaction, but is there something like an instantaneous chemical artist
    in your brain that captures the essence of an experience and chemically
    renders it in a way that you can access the memory and find all the sensual
    and factual data again? Could it instead not even be technically stored in
    the brain, but that the brain just accesses our memory storage area in a
    system who’s principle is similar to quantum entanglement, where they are
    not needing to be at the same physical point in order to be influences as a
    whole? Perhaps H.M. just got his quantum memory tether severed?

    So many questions. >_<

  17. RoScFan says:

    :O That’s like….. walking death

  18. Superpowercreeper says:

    “I have a good memory” *crap i forgot how you started the video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Ath Athanasius says:

    Well, I still remember ‘that’ shirt from other recent videos, and was glad
    it wasn’t featured in this one 😉 . I’m not /trying/ to be an ass, just,
    seriously, that thing was distracting from the actual subject matter of the
    videos it featured in.

  20. Quenten Schoonderwoerd says:

    It’s like the kerbal space program motto! FOR SCIENCE!!!