How Does An Old Blasting Machine/Generator Work?

How Does An Old Blasting Machine/Generator Work?

I take one apart to find out.

Another similar explanation (discovered shortly after uploading my video):
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20 Responses

  1. The Angry Gameing Banana says:

    No views yet but two likes

  2. joel håkansson says:

    Collab with Big Clive is a must now.

  3. DeDeNoM says:

    Wait, this is not Big Clive.

  4. pdiddyrocks101 says:

    I’m a simple man, I see Wile E. Coyote, I click

  5. TobeyT3 says:

    Can you restore that one day so it’ll look new?

  6. squeaker EDITION says:

    last time i was this early my dad divorced my mom

  7. _Fileczek_ says:

    I wasn`t first…

  8. Tim Stahel says:

    Big Clive sure sounds a lot younger than i remember

  9. Tovarisch Sergeevich says:

    Why must you upload right before the Spacex launch?

  10. ThatMetalBassist says:

    You wouldn’t happen to be a fan of a certain electrical engineer in the Isle of Man, would you?

  11. Eric Anderson says:

    Big Cody

  12. OregonWarrior says:

    you should blow the HECK out of your mine with TNT (or start a new one with really potential)

  13. Jules Rippmann says:

    seems like a skookum choocher

  14. therealnightwriter says:

    For all the people whining big clive, – different youtuber, different perspectives, different video.

  15. carlosapian g says:

    I have never heard of Big Clive, so I wouldn’t have found out about the blasting generator if it wasn’t for Cody. I feel like this wasn’t a horrible mistake, as it basically gave Big Clive a shout out (I am now subscribed), and Cody showed the inside of the dynamo, which was awesome!! Don’t listen to the haters Cody!!

  16. MyNameIsChef says:

    Actually the output is AC due to the change in magnetic flux(delta F for math people), inducing a current to offset the change in magnetic field resulting in ac current. If the output was dc, it would not be able to kill you due to the capacitive properties of the human body.

  17. Marshall Horton says:

    I believe that old grease is pronounced “shmoo”.

  18. David S. says:

    Nice vidjeo, you just need to implement some vocabulary like “angry pixies”, “electrocity” or “springamathing”

  19. AJ Harran says:


  20. CariagaXIII says:

    the person who made that is still 100 times smarter than kids this days

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