How Dream SMP Changed My Life

How Dream SMP Changed My Life

If you’ve ever watched, or heard of Dream SMP, then I guess this video is for you.

All proceeds made from this video are donated directly to the Sarcoma Foundation.

Thank you to Schlatt, for inspiring me. And spending hours, and hours reviewing the script of this video. This really is the dream lmao.

Thanks to the editing gang. Larry, Animagician and Only Antics, for getting this video made in such a short space of time. You guys are the best.

Thank you to all my friends who’ve been there along the way.

Thank you, you lot. You mean loads to me.

Thanks to the Dream SMP, for being the best thing, I could ever ask to be a part of.

music used:
C418 – Dog
Outselt Island – Zelda: Wind Waker
Monster Hunter 4 Main Theme
7 PM – Animal Crossing Gamecube
Town Hall – Animal Crossing New Leaf
6 AM – Animal Crossing New Leaf
Able Sisters – Animal Crossing Gamecube
Able Sisters – Animal Crossing City Folk
Undertale – Oh! Dungeon
1 PM – Animal Crossing Gamecube
C418 – Cat
Undertale – Rude Buster
Nooks Cranny – Animal Crossing City Folk
Departure – Zelda: Wind Waker
Airship Theme – Mario
Ruined Dragon Battle – Super Mario Odyssey
C418 – Blocks
C418 – Alpha
Left To Bloom – Minecraft Caves & Cliffs
Infinite Amethyst – Minecraft Caves & Cliffs
Minecraft Mice On Venus (youtube edit by EMBRR)

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50 Responses

  1. LukeOrSomething says:

    convincing wilbur to let you into SMP Earth minutes before it started was one of the best decisions I’ve made, always knew you had potential

  2. Kaboodle says:

    This is an incredible video Tommy. To see you grow with the server and the amount of time, love and commitment you put into it is truely inspiring. Not only did this server make some amazing memories for the creators but it created an incredible community that i am honoured to have been apart of for 2 entire years. “Man, we’re getting old,” somehow i went from a sad 14 year old girl stuck inside my house to a 16 year old MCYT living literally what i could have only dreamt of as a kid, and a lot of that is thanks to you and the DreamSMP for always inspiring me and motivating me, even on the toughest of days. One day, I hope to be up with you as one of the “big dogs” Tommy 🙂

  3. AnthonyPadilla says:

    such a powerful reflection video. so cool hearing all the emotional ups and vulnerable downs of your journey. you’re an inspiration tommy 🖤

  4. Saqvobase says:

    TommyInnit is no longer annoying, his voice and story are wonderfully comforting

  5. Aayusman Tripathy says:

    “technoblade makes cancer 1000% times funnier”

    What a freaking legend. Rest in peace king.

  6. Rotorious says:

    tommy’s storytelling abilities are incredible.

  7. Hannah Durakovic says:

    we’re so lucky to have been a part of that “stupid miracle” right alongside you, tommy.

  8. JeppixD says:

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Best quote there is to this day. o7 <3

  9. jacksepticeye says:

    Great video king!

  10. Anna says:

    The Techno part got me sobbing so bad, but seeing how much big man Tommy admired him is just so sweet<3 o7 to one of our mates

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