How Dubstep was Discovered [Extra Terra Music] [EKM.CO]

How Dubstep was Discovered [Extra Terra Music] [EKM.CO]

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Original Vid without the Wub

Song at the end: Extra Terra – Paradox :

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20 Responses

  1. James Asbury says:

    haha u wish old man

  2. Joey Chaves says:

    Had me going for a sec haha

  3. Evelyn Grzedzicki says:

    Its like he magically turns into skrillex!

  4. OwenBruch22 says:

    Lol this was good.

  5. Isaac Van Dyke says:

    i just bought this crap and it didn’t work! :(

  6. StekliCujo says:

    This was a test of gullibility. Turns out I´m as naive as a French

  7. Ninja Slays says:

    You upgraded the video 100000 percent

  8. nismofury says:

    I call BS gonna go try it… dubstep is new term for techno

  9. Stanlee Arias says:

    Im dun

  10. Nate Gordon says:

    Ha ha.

  11. Astroturf InTheHouse says:

    i almost fall for this. I thought it was real.

  12. snip3r416 says:

    Omg this for real

  13. JD's Variety Channel says:

    And I was so close to believing that dubstep was created by old guys
    blowing on hoses. That’s until the funnel came out!

  14. everenferno says:

    I thought this was real until the end

  15. James Williams says:

    I thought maybe the tubing was legit, but after I heard the funnel, I knew
    I was stupid.

  16. jman says:

    Hahahaha that was great!!!

  17. David Consuegra says:

    This is great

  18. allcoolandnew says:


  19. stopmotiondrawing # says:


  20. Ayeelayeen says:

    Wow! How did he do that?! That’s awesome sauce!