How Eminem was discovered by Dr Dre – RARE ORIGINAL FOOTAGE

How Eminem was discovered by Dr Dre – RARE ORIGINAL FOOTAGE

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19 Responses

  1. Barkbite says:

    *F I R S T E V E R Y O N E E L S E S U C K S*

  2. zerozebra says:

    where can I see part two of this?

  3. clemyobon says:

    Need the full video!

  4. YeahIFightSharks says:

    can you please put some indication of source in the description.

  5. Josh Middleton says:

    This is from the HBO documentary, “The Defiant Ones”. All four episodes are now streaming on HBO.

  6. JayEl says:


  7. Martin Klemmetsen says:

    did the audio duplicate at 4:40 for anyone else?

  8. wolfbananabear says:

    Nine Inch Nails around 1:40 and 5:50 ayy yeah.

  9. Top Dog says:

    We will never know that intern’s name. lol. He should get a cut. lol

  10. Jenny Cummings says:

    This “music” is such garbage.

  11. Chris urquhart says:

    I just want to see old Eminem freestyles.

  12. Chris urquhart says:

    Shut up Eminem, I’m trying to listen to Slim shady rap.

  13. Noah Beserra says:

    “Hey smoothskin”

    -THE D.O.C.

  14. jess grogan says:

    Fuck who downvotes this

  15. Soriddo Sunēku says:

    so rare its on youtube

  16. SANAFABICH says:

    Teenagers love Eminem. He’s so edgy, so angry. He’s an asshole. Perfect combination.

  17. Brendan Beckett says:

    Hearing Dr. Dre impersonate Slim Shady is weird

  18. Android Gameplay - DROIDZ says:

    *This Eminem guy might make it big one day*

  19. Trap Music NOW. says:

    I thank the universe for these two meeting.

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