How Energy and Time Change Everything

How Energy and Time Change Everything


The 2016 Annual Letter from Melinda and Bill Gates:

In which John discusses the annual letter from Bill and Melinda Gates, the key role energy production has played in reducing child mortality and improving people’s lives, the risks now posed by that energy consumption due to climate change, how poverty is worsened by gender disparity in unpaid work, and our collective need to acknowledge problems if we want to solve them.

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20 Responses

  1. Surya says:


  2. SuperKing604 says:

    I think we need more Johns not more Hanks

  3. Walrus says:

    Too many Hanks.. too many Hanks.. too many Hanks TOOOO MANY HAAANNKS

  4. jonas_b says:

    A suit only because Bill and Melinda wrote a letter? You’re gonna loose
    your street credibility!

  5. Tom K says:

    If we want more gender equity, we need to make formula as good as breast

  6. Nick Clute says:

    All I could think was… is the suit all business?

  7. TheJaredtheJaredlong says:

    Is it just me, or did John seem to be shaking a lot during this. He’s
    usually so motionless.

  8. Noannelle Sky says:

    JOOOOHN! NOOOO! I agree with 99.90% of what you say in this video but NO
    cultures using big tractors and tons of oil-derived pesticides are NOT more
    productive than culture done without that! Actually, industrial
    monocultures are not only terrible for the earth (and for the produce’s
    quality) but terribly inefficient! You should look up “permaculture” and
    more particularly the “ferme du bec helloin” in France: they’ve managed to
    be nearly 100% free of all fossile energies, do everything by hand but
    produce so much on a small surface it’s crazy! Please please please address
    this in a future video. i’d also beg you to look up the “demain”
    movie/documentary that was made in 2015: it’s so important and I feel like
    you and Hank would really love it!

  9. Tyler Cote says:

    $10 says John is not wearing proper slacks with his suit top.

  10. Heal Our Planet Earth says:

    Life no matter how miniscule, is a very precious and unique energy in the

  11. Jon Christian says:

    Kind of wish this would’ve been a punishment video so he could elaborate a
    bit more.

  12. Rex Hansen (Shadows Of Ink) says:

    John, brilliant video.

    However, I’m very curious… What does the rest of that room look like?

  13. Sherry Sung says:

    A story, copied from a reply I made to someone else:

    My grandmother worked up to and through a war, then learned from scratch
    how to cook and mend and raised five kids. My grandfather did the ‘men’s
    jobs’ for the family. They both worked extremely hard and did great things.
    But back then, no one ever questioned whether it might have been better for
    them to switch some of their jobs. My aunts and uncles may have gotten
    better grades and more life opportunities if my college educated
    grandfather had spent more time with them. They might have had a better
    quality of life if my financially savvy grandmother had been working. Who
    knows? That choice was not available to them. Gender roles were so
    ingrained that they wouldn’t have even mused that there should be a choice.
    That is the opportunity cost we are facing on a global scale.

  14. Tonks Moriarty (ZNickel) says:

    Erm… Do the figures for unpaid work include Charity work?

  15. Prathamesh Pandit says:

    Donald trUMP > DUMP , Coincidence?


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    educational conditioning to stop students relying on it and to use better
    sources, but Wikipedia is not so terrible. The millions of articles on
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  17. idrils says:

    I see you put on your Serious Talk Suit

  18. ahmad shuib says:

    Dude … Seriously what’s with the suit

  19. BooksandQuestions says:

    So this is quite personal, and no need to share this if you Sarah don’t
    feel like it, but I’m curious how this plays out in your household. Most of
    the marriages I saw when I was growing up, the women did nearly all the
    unpaid labor, and (mostly) didn’t work, so I’m still super interested in
    giving my expectations a broader set of examples from which to draw ideas.

  20. Dan Xander says:

    I wish I were a Hank. Unfortunately I am a Dan. And this Dan does not
    really do all that much with his life, so…sorry I am not a Hank.