How EVERY Nickelback song is written

How EVERY Nickelback song is written

WIDELY REQUESTED in the comments and in personal messages, I didn’t understand the flak this band received until I listened to their music in preparation for this video. Now I do LOL

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20 Responses

  1. Ana Garcia says:

    I saw the notification and came running.

  2. dutchesskmw says:

    I should be doing homework. However. I’m listening to you and actually dying on my floor next to my bottle of Tide detergent

  3. Ahmed Sandhu says:

    so basically, you’re gonna be the new youtube sensation?

  4. dutchesskmw says:

    “I’m all out of almonds.”

  5. alexia nd says:

    this guy is already iconic

  6. Brill says:

    Also, please do Fall Out Boy. I feel like they’d be beyond easy to roast.

  7. take it sløw says:

    Can you do twenty one pilots next!

  8. Byars Bros Productions says:

    Do Bruno mars next

  9. Max Arellano says:

    he’s gonna be big only three videos and he has 44 thousand subscribers like what the HELL

  10. Ryder R says:

    Please never get a tripod!!! This setup just feels so real! And if I could recommend something, do Melanie Martinez? Something about her googling ‘edgy emo word generator’

  11. AllitheCompanion says:

    It’s insane how your channel blew up after, like, one video. That’s awesome.

  12. DBMontefalcon says:


  13. Eyesoh says:

    Tide has become an inside joke now ?

  14. hylianvaporeon says:

    I hope he becomes more Youtube famous and with that money he can pay all his student loans.

  15. sara says:

    Please do Melanie Martinez next omg

  16. The Greatest Legend Alive says:

    still funny as always! one thing i’d suggest is not to upload so frequently, the last thing I want is for this to get repetitive

  17. ntbsvrfd says:

    ‘How every Pitbull song is written’ please, this should be very easy, great video again.

  18. xbluevelvetx3 says:

    Do one for Melanie Martinez. Her Songwriting structure and her themes are always the same 😛

  19. Nas 94 says:

    “How EVERY Justin bieber songs are made” NEXT

  20. John Fassold says:

    WHAT UP YALL so this was one of my most requested artists, wanted you guys to know that I DO read comments and take suggestions. the horror that is finals week is soon, so I may be gone for a quick bit, but I wanted to give you guys a nice long, juicy video until I post again. I won’t always do negative videos, keep in mind, I also look to analyze the musicality of artists that are fantastic and deserve praise in ways that often go unnoticed. that’s my plan for the summer, I hope you guys like where we’re going 🙂 thank you everyone for subbing/watching/flaming my videos even, it’s been a crazy week. ?

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