Here it is, the video you have all been waiting for, the true story of how Fetty broke his jaw. I hope everyone learns a lesson from this video, even professionals get hurt, but you get up and skate again!

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54 Responses

  1. Braille Skateboarding says:

    A lot of you are worried about Fetty’s medical bills! First of all, super nice of you guys to care. But we got this! Braille offers all full time employees health insurance and we are covering all of his deductibles and anything insurance won’t cover. We also gave Fetty paid time off to heal. We know how hard these guys work and put their bodies on the line for us and you. Thanks for your concern and care for Fetty!

    • Scott Paul says:

      @Codjawaman10 yeah this is sound advice but need water to wash the bloor for sure

    • Unintended Consequences says:

      You guys are AMAZING! Good on you for looking after your team.

    • Unintended Consequences says:

      @Paul Seagull You would be shocked. It costs $700 just to have an instrument sterilized in US hospitals. It would have been minimum of $30,000, probably more.

    • Unintended Consequences says:

      @afromob ! It’s not actually free though. You pay for it with your taxes. Americans don’t want free healthcare, they want their taxes to be used to help them instead of handouts to corporations.

    • Paul Seagull says:

      @Unintended Consequences How the fk extreme sports has grown so much in US with such Med. Bills? It’s like more profitable to kill myself rather than heal my broken leg or something

  2. Jacob Tonovitz says:

    I feel you Fetty I got 4 Staples in the back of my head with no pain medicine

  3. K surf says:

    Fetty! …dude… wishing you a speedy and good recovery. Keep that weight on as much as you can, protein shakes and a blender bro.

  4. Jusef • says:

    “The guy who keeps saving my life” I just love fetty he deserves best recovery

  5. lane ivy says:

    Fetty:I noticed my jaw wasn’t lined up

    Also fetty: so that’s not good

    • xXTayXx lol says:

      lane ivy i was literally scrolling through the comments and as I was reading the comments I read yours when fetty actually said that hahahaha coincidence😂

  6. Twin Gaming says:

    Fetty: “Chipotle is my life!”
    Demon: “Not for 6 weeks.”

  7. Benjamin Aguilar says:

    I hope you get better SoundCloud rapper lookin man❤️🔥

  8. Sven Poelmans says:

    OK for the next video we need:
    1. Chipotle
    2. A blender
    3. A straw

  9. _DuBz07_ says:

    Testing out if jaw brakers work get well soon.

  10. Colton Boulanger says:

    Send this to hall of meat

  11. isaac selander z says:

    Damn.. I’m sorry Fetty. I’ve never seen someone handle a broken/dislocated jaw that well.
    He’s so calm about everything.

  12. ToastyRoland says:

    This was extremely difficult to watch. Shock inducing even…
    Here’s hoping Fetty a quick recovery. That was gnarly…

  13. Apex_Individual says:

    Wanna know something weird? I didn’t almost cry until the complete end of the video. So freakin backwards. 🤦🏾‍♂️ #Fetty=Legend

  14. Matthew Tice says:

    “Liquid ibuprofen ” haha ok bud if you say so ! Get better soon man ♥️

  15. Gavin Garrison says:

    Me breaking jaw:*cries*
    Fetty breaking jaw: chicks dig scares

  16. Judah Rose says:

    Uzi Walker is a Guardian Angel😇✨🙏

  17. jobro batman says:

    Did anyone else notice Carlos in the back round?? 1 Like equals 1 Vote to have him back😭🙏🙏

  18. Å CHIONG says:


  19. Memosh says:

    Fetty: “they got me 2 shots of morphine, I feel a bit drowsy”
    Me: “I can’t notice any difference from his usual self… “

  20. Peige bird says:


    Not a single soul:


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