How Finding Nemo Should Have Ended

How Finding Nemo Should Have Ended


After Dory and Marlin finally find Nemo all the way in Sydney, it’s never explained how they find their way back home. This is how it should have ended.

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*****Guest Voices*****

Anna Brisbin

Brock Baker

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20 Responses

  1. Juan Carlos Liepanos says:

    What is the begining theme of How Spider Man 3 should have ended.

  2. agent Smith says:

    this fucking sucked dude what happened to the good ole days of terminator
    in back to the future or the predator trailer are arnold movies the only
    ones your good at doing good..?

  3. Fakenit66 says:

    That’s actually a pretty good Ellen impersonation.

  4. Just A Fuckin Potato says:

    too much fun XD

  5. Ultimate KronosX says:

    bring out civil war hishe !!!

  6. julius ochoa says:

    brock baker i know crappy impressions anywhere

  7. Emper0rH0rde says:

    It’s ANEMONE, not ANENOME.

  8. Arthur Pendragon says:

    Where is HISHE Civil War ?

  9. Aj Gerardi says:

    How do they have a Finding dory episode yet not Civil War?

  10. Tess.623 says:

    Can you guys PLEASE do “How Divergent should have ended”?! It would be

  11. Ethan Oka says:

    Gill sounds like Eduardo

  12. mine.mations.g says:

    Why is dory southern

  13. Jones Vearl says:

    Although the animation was somewhat weak, I actually found this to be quite
    amusing (how DID they make it back?). Maybe it’s because I don’t adore
    “Finding Nemo” like the rest of the world (apparently, judging by the
    comments below) :)

  14. Caleb V. says:

    This wasn’t all that funny.

  15. Allora says:

    OMG the characters they ran into at the EAC was great

  16. Hawk-Krystal Sniper-Hawk says:

    yeah are you making fun of a movie we like?

  17. MegaRedman 170 says:

    For civil war HISHE Scarlett Witch should call Magneto so that way they
    could easily defeat Iron man and War machine

  18. Jason Braaten says:

    Not one of your stronger installments, but amusing.

  19. M.fouad elshawarbi says:

    isnt one of them a puffer fish? cant he just expand and tear a few holes?

  20. Zoukon101 says:

    Sebastian: “Wrong movie”