How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball? (at 100,000 FPS) – Smarter Every Day 216

How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball? (at 100,000 FPS) – Smarter Every Day 216

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Mark’s Rocket Golf Club:

We used a pressurized vacuum cannon to get the golf ball up to speeds of over 500 miles per hour.
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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery

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49 Responses

  1. Mark Rober says:

    Watching this makes me realize I need a new sound effect (aside from squealing like a school girl) when I see something really cool happen.

    • Ruthven78 says:

      you need to shoot more stuff with the cannon and film it

    • Lian Bond says:

      Glad you called it out. Makes it much less awkward.

    • cy bay says:

      Why haven’t you uploaded anything?

    • philip bohi says:

      Mark Rober – I’ve noticed the pitch of my squeal gets higher in direct proportion to the coolness of the experiment.
      Some experiments are SO cool only dogs can hear me celebrate!

      The Glitter Bomb was so awesome I almost shattered glass with my squeals.

  2. BigJesse says:

    A sword. Put a sword in front of it. It’ll be epic for sure.

    • BigJesse says:

      +Daniel Curtin Not as cool as a sword though.

    • blivvy says:

      High speed footage of cutting – doesn’t matter what with – could actually be interesting. Start with like… chef with kitchen knife cutting veges. Then step up to splitting a log with an axe or something. Then try high speed of sword vs. melon. Then test all the different bladed implements by firing gold balls out of your vacuum cannon at them 😛 All in high speed.

    • Eric Michel says:

      BigJesse – I think so too, as I wonder how much deformation the sword would incur as it slices through the ball.

    • Ben Stankiewicz says:

      Yes yes, or a sheet of hardware cloth, wire, 3/16 inch square

  3. Francois Pesce says:

    Marvel: ‘Infinity War’ Is The Most Ambitious Crossover …
    Mark & Destin: hold our rocket-powered golf club …

  4. M Nadeem Sz says:

    2 of my favorite youtubers
    You guys are amazing
    More collabs please

  5. TotallyOriginal says:

    Rocket powered golf club, Mechanical Limit of a golf ball, Laminar flow, THIS IS THE STUFF I SUBBED FOR! I love this dude.

    • Anton Trukhanyonok says:

      My thoughts exactly. This is some real stuff. These people know what having fun means.

  6. Joshua Vanderburg says:

    There’s your problem. You caught it too low on the face. That’ll really hurt distance.

  7. Bert Visscher says:

    1:34 I’ve watched his videos.
    4:06 No.
    I’ve tried Wix, but they use JavaScript which some people block.

  8. [Name] says:

    13:05 this is so sad this is one of the top 10 brutal fruit deaths.

    F for the melon

  9. Arnau Mallol Ros says:

    13:18, how It feels to chew 5 gum:

  10. clint morris says:

    Me before watching: “16 minutes?? Way too long”
    Also me: *watches entire video in fascination.

  11. Johan Andersson says:

    Super interesting that the golf ball is stronger than the club!
    Gotta love the summer rocket club sports ??

  12. Emma Roldan says:

    Evolution: *Makes strong wall so predators don’t eat it*
    Youtubers: 1,000,000,000 mph GOLFBALL VS WATERMELON

    • Rafael Santos says:

      +Claire Gregg yes they do…? Watermelons get eaten, as do the watermelon plants. Sure it might be beneficial to them under the right conditions (getting eaten by an animal that’s unable to digest watermelon seeds for example), but plants get constantly attacked by all kinds of predators, like insects and microorganisms.

    • professional labelmaker says:

      I can’t believe seven people came out here taking this comment seriously

    • Myles Russell says:

      7 people don’t have a sense of humour ?

    • Thomas Thornton says:

      It is advantageous for a watermelon to be eaten because its seeds will be spread. Thats why they are naturally sweet (obviously they weren’t as sweet as they are now, but we started eating them for a reason) because they want animals to eat them and spread their seeds.

    • Courtney Murphy says:

      ? *I М”АSТURВАТЕ Т0 VIDЕ!0S 0N МY С!HАNNЕL! L!00K!* ???

  13. Laud Bentil says:

    Really amazing how the slow Mo cam shows reality from a different perspective!
    Cool friend circle!

  14. Puddi Panda says:

    All that power hitting a golf ball, and I’d still miss the hole :p

    Also, that’s a new hole-in-one… a hole in the ball 😮

  15. glassjaw624 says:

    Better send those drivers back to the manufacture and tell them to make something that can handle your 1000 mph swing.

  16. Disguised Meat says:

    13:17 John F. Kennedy’s Assassination. 1963, colorized

  17. Ben Weichert says:

    That watermelon explosion was WICKED!!!

  18. Throttle Dude says:

    I threw 40 lb dumbells on a golf ball plenty of times and the dumbells just bounced up into the air. The golf ball didn’t even crack but I broke a dumbell.

  19. IgorD says:

    *Destin and Mark laugh like young punks at a field trip*
    David: “Can’t wait till my shift is over”

  20. stormnr2 says:

    Combine Vakuum dispenser with Rocket club will melt the Earth. xD

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