How have dozens died in flooding in Germany? – BBC News

How have dozens died in flooding in Germany? – BBC News

More than fifty people have died and thousands of others have been displaced by extensive flooding in parts of western Germany and Belgium.

In Germany – the most severely affected country – dozens of people are still missing.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has called it a catastrophe, linking the events to climate change.

Ros Atkins looks at how the events unfolded and the impact across Europe.

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32 Responses

  1. frank world says:

    So sorry for all Germans 🇬🇧🇩🇪 in the Western country

  2. pillargauss says:

    Sorry for all people affected in Germany, Belgium and other areas. Hope they can get over this soon. My memory about such level of flooding is still fresh although the one I experienced was almost 30 years ago. In the dead of night, there was no light, I could only hear roaring water, bang sound from collapse of houses, people’s crying and animals’ screaming. That was an horrified night. I will never forget.

    • Aaron Kastriot Iseni says:

      @laleita ram You command ? Lol

    • Wolf Boy says:

      @pillargauss ah i am pleased to hear you were ok. That sounds like a very frightening situation!

    • Gwenhwyfer says:

      Iam so sorry♥️

    • Shannon Rutledge says:

      @pillargauss what an awful memory you must re-live every time you hear of a flood. I grew up right near the Gulf of Mexico, and every time a hurricane blows up, rain bands
      carrying immense loads of rain, have caused some major flood events. I have never experienced a flood of the proportion you experienced. It must be a horrible experience. Even though I don’t know you, I am thankful you survived the flood you mention in your comment.

    • Shannon Rutledge says:

      @pillargauss 💖

  3. Cynical, Skeptical Citizen says:

    Watching Germany drown…. while my state burns. What a year. We know this will get worse, more intense everywhere, I feel for folks with no water, too much water, and anything else that holds us down

    • dieter rosswag says:

      How is your job interview going?

    • Annie Glean says:

      @Bandido start by having NO children. ..ZERO….NULL…much better because it’s not going to get any better but only worse.

    • Arved Ludwig says:

      Yeah we had 2018 and 2019 being years with droughts and now there’s too much water. This will be the new norm around the northern hemisphere because climate change affects the jetstream.

    • Arved Ludwig says:

      @dwain pipe the rain that would under normal circumstances go down there flooded Africa last year.

    • R2D2Deep says:

      @Arved Ludwig over in the western part of America in California its only getting droughts every year with each new year expected to be worse

  4. Maggie Edwards says:

    To the people of Germany 🇩🇪 I pray for you all and condolences to the families of those who lost their lives homes and livelihoods.

  5. Tomas SoyWeyvon says:

    Very sad and very disturbing, WIsh all well, especially the Rescuers and their Families

  6. John Daniel Esguerra says:

    My sincere condolences and prayers 🙏 to the people affected by the flash floods 🇩🇪🇫🇷🇧🇪, from 🇵🇭

  7. Emmy Lee says:

    Please notice that 90% of all emergency services, firefighters, lifeguards etc are voluntary!!!

    • Erna Beier says:

      @Marielle Valenzuela Oh sooo funny again, Germany is “socialistic” country. Best joke ever. You have no idea what socialism is or meant to be.

    • Zydia says:

      @Joan Sparky The THW are volunteers aswell (2% of them are paid and they mostly keep the equipment working and organised). And Berunfsfeuerwehr only realy exists in bigger cities. By law a city is only forced to have a Berufsfeuerwehr when they are bigger 100 000 people.

      So most of it (not military) will be done by volunteers

    • Karin Süden says:

      @Marielle Valenzuela good grief, which country are you from? Clearly you have no idea whatsoever how things work in our country. How can you draw these assumptions?

    • Karin Süden says:

      @Jeffrey Cooldude they are not being used in a real emergency, of course 😂. It is a youth organisation that helps kids growing into greater responsibility and training as they get older.

    • Arved Ludwig says:

      @Joan Sparky Technisches Hilfswerk is not paid.

  8. gametech5441 says:

    This is devastating news and I am so sorry to hear people lost their life’s and love ones ❤🙏 keep strong

  9. Moreno Franco says:

    This is tragic. My condolences to the German, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgian people.

  10. Adrianos says:

    Prayers for our German and Belgian friends! this is just horrible. Stay safe and take care of eachother!

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