How Humans Broke the Game

How Humans Broke the Game

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80 Responses

  1. Hyperium Vortex says:

    Been requesting a wild hog video on all of your videos. I think its about time for the boar/hog to shine

  2. Josh Gould says:

    I love all the OSRS references.

    And possibly your videos too ?

    Great job, keep it up

  3. Hunnieda Mapping says:

    The funny thing is that this is actually labeled as a computergame

  4. Mr. G says:

    Oh hey I forgot to tell you i’ve been watching your channel since you were in the Bahamas I’m the bartender btw

  5. Post Melons says:

    Honestly you taught me way more in 8 minutes than my world civilizations teacher did in 4 weeks

    • Give me garlic bread or give me- nvm that's perfect says:

      +pyropulse You taught me a valuable lesson. I fear it is too late for me, but you should be pleased to know that I have abandoned several children in the desert to learn to survive. Eventually they will find the city in the North and educate themselves in a foster home if they survive. Ave friend.

    • Meris says:

      Why was your world civ teacher covering prehistory for 4 weeks?

    • Brendan Morin says:

      Patrick Gillette humans had larger frontal lobes, which is responsible for obstruct thinking/creativity etc. so we were able to outperform Neanderthals

    • Simon Lacroix says:

      Patrick Gillette same

    • DarkShadowsX5 says:

      visualization is a key part of memory. its no wonder schools fail to properly educate students.
      i remember the videos i watched in class more than words in a text book.
      this guy should get paid to make and distribute these videos to schools.

  6. unknown name says:

    honestly, i think humans are a good counter pick against humans

    • Guard Your Heart says:

      Petr Kinkal The humans INT is the main reason I chose this class. Yes it works, but if the human class didn’t have the best gear and skill tree of all the classes then I would have chose something else. Actually, it’s arguable if they even do have the best skill tree.

    • Petr Kinkal says:

      +Guard Your Heart
      Give me any class that can even dream of surviving for more than 10^10 years (or significantly longer than that big fusion powered light bulb) and I will start doubting if humans have the best skill tree.

    • Guard Your Heart says:

      Petr Kinkal Sorry I have something against human players, because half of the ones I run into are hackers. There’s nothing I hate more than cheaters…this game is ruined. We need a patch that will fix all the exploits. At least the worst ones.

    • Chrono Mitsurugi says:

      +Guard Your Heart
      lvl 29.
      and yeah, its a huge time sink. especially base building.

    • Volbla says:

      This is how you end up in a stale meta.

  7. Enderlogan YT says:

    Neanderthals: we are the best humans

    starvation: you fools…

  8. Kastyc says:

    Damn even our ancestors ditched the Mozambique

    • Monkey It on says:

      I’m glad someone else noticed that I thought that I was going insane.

    • victor manuel gonzalezd says:

      I also rather the fruit

    • metalfaust19 says:

      +Monster King Yup. Fists do more DPS overall and you have the benefit of the fists doing that little knockback effect, so you can kinda displace and juggle people with just the fists. it’s also harder for them to actually shoot you when you’re right in their face and circling around them spamming fists.

    • Monster King says:

      +metalfaust19 if a weapon is less effective than being unarmed there’s a wrong step somewhere.

    • Jerald Smith says:

      quality meme TZ

  9. Ben Mroz says:

    The amount of pure dark souls and RuneScape content deserves more love than I can give this

  10. b r e a d says:

    Devs: It’s over apes, we’ve destroyed the high ground!

    Early Hominids: You underestimate my power!

    Early Hominids: **almost dies then turns into the most OP class in the game**

    • I am a loaf of Bread says:

      Devs: What?!
      Early huminoids: we have accended byond your power, now it’s time to die.

    • Rick Regina says:

      Early hominids: If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

      Devs: *Crippling tree nerf*

      *Several patches later*

      Holo Sapians: The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master. *Stares down upon the world from the International Space Station*

  11. AF Bennett says:

    Neanderthal: exists

    Homo sapien with a throwing stick : I’m about to end this mans entire career

    • MrMortull says:

      To be fair, the Sapiens didn’t *mean* to ruin the Neanderthals’ game… sure there were some griefers (aren’t there always) and more than a bit of direct competition, but the real killer there was that they were sharing the same XP and resource nodes and the Sapiens were that bit more reliable when it came to taking the prize.
      It wasn’t a guild war, it was one side slowly and unknowingly strangling the other pretty much at spawn.

    • Albert Wesker says:

      MrMortull imagine if farming was unlocked early game.

    • AF Bennett says:

      MrMortull yes

  12. Josephi Grokawski says:

    Devs: Finally, a semi balanced game.
    Humans: I’ma about to ruin this man’s career

  13. Some One 愛 says:

    *It seems the more the developers tried to nerf humans the more overpowered humans became*

  14. Big Boss says:

    Remember when skirmishing used to be a troll build? Yeah. Me too.

  15. Bkuzu says:

    Human build so op that we all able to break even fourth wall.

  16. Flexi Paradise says:

    If no background information was provided that map would look very controversial.

    • John Davenport says:


    • The Argonian Mercenary says:

      Thomas Chow the issue is now that Europeans are fighting back, and, with the change in their governments pending, only a few counties (Sweden and Germany) will suffer the fate of demographic replacement.

    • Mauricio José Osuna says:

      Dude, the entire video once neanderthals are entirely depicted as Nordic e_e 6:29 drives the entire point home. I don’t know if TierZoo even noticed the propaganda.

    • The Argonian Mercenary says:

      Ignacio Alcantuz the issue with claiming that it is not a problem or that it is a good thing is that you give those Neo-Nazis and Alt Right groups more ammo to spread hate and division. Calling people all racists and sexists only works until they realize they can steal the littlest things away from you, such as the okay hand sign and Pepe the Frog.

    • Ignacio Alcantuz says:

      +The Argonian Mercenary lolwut

  17. Duchi says:

    *Humans Broke the Game*
    When Neo entered the Matrix

  18. AwsmChimera says:

    Can we get a video on unorthodox builds?

    Builds that _seem_ stupid, but work surprisingly well, y’know?

    • Mango Jam says:

      He made an underrated builds video

    • robinchwan says:

      poor genetics = advanced technology like the electron microscope…. all because some near blind dude wanted to see!

    • Azurath100 says:

      Like the monotremes or plant builds like the gympie gympie or the sea slugs builds like Glaucus atlanticus(blue angel)?

    • Savannah Strode says:

      Immediately thought of Sunfish – super easy to kill, but have so low nutritional value that they’re not worth it. Can’t really swim that well and releases a bunch of young for only a few to survive. But it’s not extinct!

    • Fluffy Bunnyss says:

      Turtles, Jellyfish,Stingrays?

  19. Major Degurechaff says:

    Lol he just disrespectfully throws the mozambique out of the way

  20. Thanks Fish Still looking for my owner says:

    I think the real reason animals went extinct is because they fell for the old, “Alt+f4 for free exp.”

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