how I accidentally won a Mario Strikers Tournament

how I accidentally won a Mario Strikers Tournament

I entered @Grand POOBear ‘s Mario Strikers: Battle League tournament. I had never played Mario Strikers. I won. oops.

You should watch me live on Twitch:


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41 Responses

  1. CONEY says:


  2. Pika7777 says:

    Smallant going 3-0 without knowing how to sprint is the most smallant thing ever

  3. Robert Jin says:

    Opponents: Training for 5 days to improve their skill
    SmallAnt: Lemme just switch to manual

  4. ProNS_Gaming says:

    I love Smant bribing Coney and Doug helping him justify it🤣

  5. Sunvi Eight Master says:

    SmallAnt is a type of student who doesn’t studies for the exam and still gets the highest marks.

  6. BlueMarker says:

    I love how smallant gets the shortest introduction AND his face is just his icon while everyone else has an actual picture of their face

  7. Zap Plays says:

    I Like how they gave smallant the shortest introduction

  8. tc r says:

    I love how all the streamers are being introduced. One at a time, they are mentioned and then something they are great at and why they will win. The last one was SmallAnt. To which was said, “And then there’s SmallAnt.” That’s it. lol

  9. Toaste says:

    announcers: *complimenting and praising each contestant*
    announcers: and we also have smallant

  10. Ratheartz Gaming says:

    This is hilarious. The fact that while trying to get Coney points you found a winning strat is hilarious

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