How I Get Ready With My Disability

How I Get Ready With My Disability

I found a way that works for me!

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Marna Michele
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40 Responses

  1. IH N says:

    4:08 when ur eyebrows are so different they’re not even the same gender anymore 😂

  2. Kameron Douglas says:

    “It’s not a contour, it’s just a lot of bronzer.” GIRL SAME 😂

  3. Rebecca Nlt says:

    How cute is she

  4. Gracee E says:

    Love this girl – please make her a regular.

  5. Annie M says:

    Ugh she’s stunning

  6. Caroline Longo says:

    I like her she’s really funny 😂

  7. Arianator96 says:

    ‘The whole Kardashian thing’ 💭🕶

  8. Latina Gilyard says:

    I wish I could do my eyeliner that neatly.

  9. Emily Nelson says:

    This was amazing. Disabled people are almost always neglected by media. It was nice to see someone with a disability do something very relatable. Thank you, Buzzfeed. Also shout out to the woman in this video, you are BEAUTIFUL 😙❤

  10. Leba Nese says:

    I have cerebral palsy and I always felt ashamed to do my makeup around other people, because my movements are kinda awkward and I do a lot of head movements too. Thank you so so much for this amazing representation! You look stunningly gorgeous!

  11. Just a small town girl says:

    I love her!! you should make this a series with different disabilities, like a girl with facial palsy or a girl with Parkinson’s

  12. Otian Otian says:

    When she said “I feel so cute” I literally shouted at my laptop “BABY YOU ARE THE MOST ADORABLE WOMAN EVER PLEASE STAY CUTE AND CONFIDENT AND BEAUTIFUL” And yeah, I really hope she starts her own channel, I am now a fan of her personality

  13. MyCurlyLife says:

    Marna’s personality reminds me of Kate’s personality . They are both bubbly and funny , and pretty ; as well as quirky . Keep doing what you are doing girl!

  14. Alexandria Inouye says:

    I need to compliment myself like she does to herself. She’s perfect 💙💙

  15. NinjaNerd007 says:

    As a disabled woman, I am so happy that this channel shares people of all abilities and is so inclusive. Please do more things like this!!! Disabled persons need representation too!!

  16. SARAH!!! says:


  17. Lu C says:

    Wow! Such a inspirational woman. It is so amazing that you have adapted to your situation and are living your life to the fullest! Keep it up!❤️

    • Oevens says:

      Lu C she’s not inspirational just for doing something that millions of people do every day. Look up the meaning of inspiration porn. The disabled are not inspirational just for living their life.

  18. ItsChloe says:

    when she kept saying “i feel so cute” i was like you are, you are!!

  19. Madeleine Fey says:

    Honestly, I’m mostly just watching for tips on how to get ready with a disability. I have a next to impossible time because I have Dystonia, which causes tremors, and it’s nice to see someone else who has to adapt. REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

    • Margo B says:

      Madeleine Fey I would try getting your trunk as close to the counter as possible, feet flat on the floor, supportive seating, and support your upper extremities on the counter (elbows bent and on counter), maybe see if you can add some weight to your makeup products for easier application, and Powders also require less blending and accuracy of application 🌸🌸🌸 you could also try using some Dycem to lay your products on so they don’t slide around if you do use powders, that way you won’t have to stabilize the container with your other hand

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