How I Learned To Love Again

How I Learned To Love Again

I know the fam wants to hear about me and Jay. And trust, that’s DEFINITELY in the works… 😏🥰But I gotta explain how I got there first.

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Take a deeeeep breath, inhale summa YOU. I’m Jeannie Mai, and, baby, it’s time to OWN ur life! Together let’s get 💯about fashion, fitness, finance & everything to crank up ur confidence. Thursdays, with me, 10am PST. Ya ready? #HelloHunnay

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28 Responses

  1. Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai says:

    What are some things u love about yourself?

    • Mariam Mwiso says:

      I can start over again and again. I don’t mind taking afew steps back and taking a better choice.

    • Emma Marie says:

      I’m sorry to say,,,jeezy gonna break your heart,,rappers is never loyal

    • Monica Castillo says:

      I love the fact that I’m 100% honest on my beliefs & expectations on a relationship. I been single for 7 yrs..after my divorce I had lost hope until 2 mths ago. I’ve been getting to know someone who treats me so well. We are not rushing & simply enjoying each other’s company. I learned to say NO to those who I knew would lead to nothing. I learned to love myself before meeting this guy & I’m hopeful it will work out. I’m excited about this new beginning.

    • Tiara Words from God says:

      I believe once I started growing closer to Christ I truly began loving myself again, or should I say loving myself at the start. I began to realize that if God loves me through all I’ve done, through all I will do, and have been through than I too can love myself.
      I had to realize that when God forgives me I am truly forgiven and I had to stoop holding myself accountable for things that I can not change, things others did, and how I treated myself. I forgave myself, and that is truly when I started to love myself, accepting Jesus Christ truly changed my life.
      God bless, Jesus loves you. He forgives you and accepts you, now it is time to forgive and accept yourself. You are no longer of your old ways, or of sin. You are changed, move on and don’t look back unless he tells you to. God bless. – Tiara words from God.

      A prayer to be saved by Jesus Christ:

      Lord, forgive me of my sins. I repent of all my sins to you Father. Allow me to see myself in you again, let go of my past, Lord. Allow me to be renewed, allow me to see the light in you. In times of darkness I became of the shadows, but in you I want to be of light again. Bless me Lord, Keep me Lord. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior today and I declare and decree that I am changing my ways. I look to you in dark times, in rough times, in all times God. I am now a Child of God through Jesus Christ.
      Lord, You alone are my fortress, You are my refuge. In Jesus’s name I pray this prayer and ask for protection over my life, accepting the covenant now over me and my family to come, as I say Amen.
      Congratulations on now being a child of God. I love you, but most importantly Jesus loves you!

      A prayer to forgive yourself:
      Dear Lord, you forgive me. You say I am free, free from it all. Allow me not to see myself as hurt and bruised. Allow me to see me the way you do, as clean, beautiful, and as a child of God the one true King. Keep me safe Oh Lord, renew my thoughts and my mind. Deliver me from evil and keep me safe in your hands. Shield me from darkness and allow my eyes to see the YOU in ME. Thank you Lord, I am redeemed by you, therefore I forgive myself and will no longer see myself as unclean, dirty, ugly, angry or broken. I am not of my past, I will not worry about the future. Instead Lord, I will trust in you. Allow me to remember the greatness you have and that it is instilled in me. In Jesus’ name I prayer this prayer. Amen.

    • Markus Patients says:

      That I have hobbies and I’m always making or fixing things.
      Women should have more hobbies and not set around thinking about themselves all their waking hours. And they never want to share their dreams with their man. That’s suspicious within itself.

  2. Nahida Elhoss says:

    As someone who lacks that self-confidence and self-love, this video truly helped me answer a lot of the questions that I have been asking myself for years. Thank you Jeannie for your empowering message ❤️

  3. Tiffany Rose says:

    I know even if Jay wasn’t Jeezy that Jeannie would still fall in love! Jeannie is so genuine and doesn’t come across as superficial! She just wants pure love heart to heart,mind to mind ,and soul to soul ♥️🙏

    • Brneyz619 Woods says:

      I just want her to be careful though. He was already engaged, bought the lady a beautiful ring, and a white Range Rover, but broke it off. I also didnt know him and the last lady have a 4 year old daughter together. So Jeannie, just be careful.👍🏾

    • kay Jack says:

      @Brneyz619 Woods some of these men will treat a new woman like a queen when the last one put in years with them 🙄

  4. Joy says:

    I love how you said you wanted someone who understood everything you went through but doesn’t agree with everything. That’s how my fiancé and I are. I think people choose to not understand others.

  5. Emma Bedelle says:

    Girl you said it. I think this just reinforces the fact that sometimes going though bad times, reaching a low point, struggling or whatever you want to call it is absolutely crucial to personal growth. You cannot get what you want until you realize what you don’t want. I’m so happy for you. I’ve been following you for quite some time ( I even submitted a prayer to your prayer box !!) and although I may not know you personally, I can tell instantly how much happier you seem 🙂 keep shining. x

  6. Bryn Rianne says:

    I love this video, because everyone always throws around “love yourself,” but you rarely see what that looks like in practice. You honestly make being single (and I don’t mean the, single-but-desperately-trying-to-hook-up-and-date type of single) seem so fun and fulfilling. You’re the only reason I watched The Real anyway, I’m so glad you have your own channel.

  7. Mpumi Xulu says:

    I don’t know anyone else who deserves this more than you. You’re amazing, and I wish you all the happiness and joy you wish for J.Mai❤️

  8. Being Bernice says:

    “I could not have fallen in love again if I didn’t fall in love with myself.” You are speaking SO much truth into light!

  9. Gemini Empress says:

    Jeanie should have a movie about her life! I love her journey as a person

  10. NurseAggz says:

    “at the end of the day you’re already with the person you’re going to spend of your life with and that’s yourself. You have to really really enjoy who that person is” a whole WORD. thanks for this video Jeannie <3

  11. Valerie / Softnlow says:

    Jeannie, that was lovingly powerful. There’s nothing like loving yourself and then finding love through that process – Congratulations to you both on your engagement! #Godspeed

  12. Oscar Silva says:

    “I could not have fallen in love today had I not fallen in love with myself.” Cousin Jeannie (in my head) always giving it to us straight. She’s the real deal Hunnay!✌️

  13. Naturally Nishy says:

    “You’re already with the one person you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with and that’s yourself so you gotta love you” – Jeannie Mai.

    Yo that hit different. We always think we need to find the one to love but neglect ourselves and put others first a lot of the time. Great advice!

  14. JuanitaBonita97 says:

    This really helped me understand “what to do after”. I was engaged (he was Asian, we known each other since high school) and I made the decision to end things for a number of reasons. Since then, I had no idea how to move forward or when I should move at all! With me trying to finish college and living with my mom and her husband plus balancing two jobs to stay in school I didn’t have a “safe place” to really digest things and focus on myself. After watching this, I’m going back to finding ways to express what I am thinking, how I’m feeling. Really, I just need you to write a book on this. You have no idea how many people have these issues or know how to deal with the aftermath in a healthy way. Thank you for always being open, and staying real ✊🏽

  15. SmokeyFizz says:

    Honestly, hearing you talk about J and when you talk about him how emotional you get because you become so overwhelmed with finding the love your soul needed in him…. it makes me so happy. So happy for you. And it gives me hope. 31, and I’ve given up on it. Because I’ve been so… different.

  16. Tyra Chantey says:

    First of all, Jeannie you don’t look a day over 25, secondly, every word you spoke was so genuine, straight from the heart and so inspiring. You’re so sure of yourself and that energy is so contagious. Much love from 🇸🇪

  17. Uchiha Avenger says:

    I’m so so so so so happy for Jeannie. She’s so genuine and deserving of the love she receives

  18. Rumaysa Miah says:

    “At the end of the day, you’re already with the one person you’re going to spend the rest of you life with and that’s yourself.
    So you have to really really enjoy who that person is.”
    This spoke to my heart ❤️

  19. Nightlock 2008 says:

    4:32 “When I knew the fear, I actually played out scenarios and I worked myself right through the fear because I DIDN’T AVOID IT. Know your enemies up front. Know exactly what that fear is so WHEN it hits you, you’re not afraid because you’ve already played out the scenario of how to work through it.”

  20. Celo B says:

    Tears of joy when talking about her man that’s true love

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